Death of Black Mac

Discussion in 'RAC' started by aghart, Apr 26, 2006.

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  1. A recent edition of the Tank (RTR Journal) has announced the death of WO1 McDonald (Black Mac) age 63 from cancer in July 2005. Black Mac was 4 RTR but all RAC Gunnery folk from the 70's & 80's will certainly remember him from Lulworth where he was a "god", he certainly scared the hell out of me!!.

    He was made RSM of 4 RTR in 1980. Fear and respect, the perfect response to such a man, a very sad loss.
  2. I had the dubious pleasure of tangling with him a couple of times but he was a gentleman. Sorry to hear about his passing. 63 isn't very old but at least he drew his pension for longer than he served! Result!

  3. When we completed our Cadre Course in Munster in '81 (I think) and were having our end of course p*ss up down by the canal, about eight of us tried to chuck him into the canal and he beat the crap out of all of us.
    He was a hard old b*stard, but a nice guy
  4. I'm sad to hear of his passing away, Black Mac was an outstanding soldier. I was Sqn Rover driver when he was SSM D Sqn and he was a hoot when he was in relaxed mode. Mind you, the bugger gave me 36 extras when I fcuked up, so it didn't do to cross him 8O
  5. I met him in Munster when I was visiting pals in 4RTR from my intake. Formidable looking man but he was nothing but pleasant to me.

    I'm sorry to hear of his passing at such a relatively young age.

  6. An outstanding WO1 at RD or ERE - Always had the time to stop and talk with the crews by the coffee machine.
  7. Story goes he was a chef attached to 4 RTR and enjoyed the Regt so much he transferred. I never could get the truth out of him on that one.
  8. Remember him being at the Gunnery School when I did my Crew Commanders, seemed like a good bloke. Off to that great tank-park above.
  9. It's true
  10. Is this the same 4 RTR guy who was a gunnery instructor at Hohne in '75?
    If so he was OK. He was responsible for training all RTR guys coming out of JLR pre transfer to BAOR regiments.
  11. One of the many stories regarding Black Mac, he volunteered to carry out the orderly officer duty during the Officers Mess Cambrai Ball, so all the subbies could attend. Next morning at 0600 he presented himself to the subbie that was taking over the duty, by throwing a thunder flash into his room then letting go both barrells of a 12 bore filled with talcum powder and announcing "Reveille Sir " before retiring! Cue very shocked subbie and powdered naked girlfriend. Class
  12. \A quality man! RIP Mac you knacker
  13. All
    He was one of the old school
    I had the pleasure and pain to come across him at Lulworth
    Gone but not Forgotten

    'ACTION' load HESH
  14. Met him on many occasions. Top Man. RIP Mac.