Death of an Old Sapper

It is with great sadness that i have recently found out that Roy 'Blackie' Blacker has passed away in Plymouth Devon.

Blackie joined the Corp way back on 23 September 1937 and during WW2 found himself stationed in Singapore where he was captured with many thousands of Allied troops after the surrender of Singapore in 1942. Blackie was sent to the infamous Thai-Burma Railway that bridged the River Kwai, where thousands of prisoners of war (POWs) toiled to lay 400 miles of track through thick jungle and his subsequent internment in Japan.

Blackie is also the author of 'Guests of the Rising Sun' which is the story of his life before, during and after the Second World War and of his return to Japan in 1999. Included in the book are pictures drawn and painted by Blackie during his captivity on paper salvaged from used cement bags.

Rest in Peace Blackie
Once a Sapper always a Sapper

RIP Blackie! A true son of the Corps!
Sorry to hear this Waylander... do you know where the book can be purchased?

RIP and Condolences to those family and friends he has left behind.
Unfortunately i am not sure where it can be purchased, my copy was given to me by Blackie himself, and a very interesting read it is too.

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