Death of an old Green Howard

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by GrandPa POM, Nov 6, 2011.

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  1. Although you may not have met him, I would like to make personnel associated with The Green Howards aware of the passing of one of their Old Boys, John William Walker. He died on Saturday 05 November 2011 as an In-Pensioner of The Royal Hospital Chelsea. He always said he would only leave feet first! See ya Bill, gone to join the great Battalion in the sky.
  2. 2 para?

  3. What the hell are you bleating on about !!! , this is a memorial thread for an old boy .
  4. Thanks for that Sludge. When I first read the posts I thought I was reading it wrong.

    Blackhawk11 and Katherinne1 as new members please read the initial post before you post inane drivel on a thread like this. DeltaDog please read the name of the tread too. As a senior member you should know better and I refer you to Sludge's comment above.