Death of a Royal Marine Commando

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I am sure that you have all seen the news about the death of Ben Poole the Son of one of my good friends, who died whilst on selection with the Specials.

I was on holiday while it happened, and heard the news yesterday. I was heart broken for his family and as my Son only joined up on the 7th of July it was brought home to me how easily we loose loved ones.

I am attending the funeral in Jersey on Thursday, and will find it really tough.

My thoughts are with everyone who has lost a Son, and specially those that have lost Sons and loved ones who were serving their country.


I am not too sure that the press have it right, and would have thought that privacy for the family would be right and proper until it was known what exactly happened.

His family are really nice, and deserve better coverage, and so do the Services. I am not suprised though to see the papers making head lines out of speculaiton, but not happy about it.

Kind regards to all this death has touched.
Royal will just keep going and going its a mind frame tempered in Lympschwitz.

All this talk of "Beastings" by the media is unhelpful

A WBGT would have been a cunning plan but the blokes going for selection aren't un tested recruits they already have the hats (red and green) and operational experience

However heartless it sounds there are always deaths in training and at this level it shouldn't be a suprise

I hope royal will be putting in a presence if the funeral is in Jersey, he deserves it

RIP Royal
Yes I agree Deaths are expected, and we should not be suprised, it is just when it touches you the reality hurts more.

The Funeral will be a full Military affair.

( Dont know what WBGT stands for as I am not services or ex)
neanderthal said:
Father said:
( Dont know what WBGT stands for as I am not services or ex)
Wet Bulb Globe Thermometer - its a type of thermometer that takes humidity into account.

its Wet Bulb Globe Temperature
Father, thank you for sharing this.

Unfortunately, I have to lock the thread, as there is still an enquiry into Marine Poole's death being conducted.

Please extend our condolences to Ben's family and friends.

Best regards

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