Death Force - Matt Lynn

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. Being in the unusual position of being bookless prior to a train journey home, I brought this in WH Smith the other day.

    As the vietnamese would say - "Number 10"

    It reads like a cross between a commando comic and a episode of ultimate farce. avoid at all costs.

    (Unless you are a member of 24 SAS, the LoF, VCF or other mentalist wannabe paramiltary group, in which case you will love it and probably nick some of the stories and pretend it happened to you)
  2. I picked it up on the half price offer in Smith's as well, and I must say I really enjoyed it. There's some comic book stuff in there. I'll grant you that, but it's not pretending to be anything it isn't, and it's a a good laugh.
  3. I think the book's title would have been an indicator of the type of book it is, and the audience it will cater for
  4. I'd have rated it -12/10, were it not for the foreword by 'Chris 'E&E' Ryan'.

    That makes it a -94.

    Needed the money, did you, 'Chris'?

    A waste of trees. :x
  5. Found it lying around the hotel on holiday read it pile of shite TBH even the glaring error of saying one character was in charge of a company of the light dragoons :roll:
  6. I went to Matt Lynn's website (can't bring myself to link to it here) and read the first two chapters. How does this bilge get published? I reckon I could write a better military/PMC novel, and I've never even been in any kind of army.

    I mean look at this:

    They will also have to contend with Salangi's impregnable fort in Kajaki, his personal army of around three thousand men and the might of the Taliban, with whom Salangi has formed an alliance.

    Impregnable fort? At Kajaki? Funny no-one noticed it before! Drop a couple of MOABs anyway then let's see how impregnable it is

    Of course ignoring the fact that insurgents and drug dealers usually try to keep moving.

    And this:

    And Nick Thomas, a teenager from Swansea with no real military training but a desperate desire to become a soldier

    Well why doesn't he just join the army then? Mong!
  7. What are your influences?

    Obviously I'm influenced by the military writers who are around at the moment, such as Andy McNab and Chris Ryan and Damien Lewis.

    Matt Lynn was/is a ghostwriter. Andy McNab and Chris Ryan use ghost writers. Anyone see a link forming here? Self licking lollipop?
  8. You may think that, but they couldn't poooosssssiiiibbbllllyyyyy comment :D :D
  9. I just read his latest Shadow Force which is set among the Somali pirates, and its a bloody good read. Still in the McNab/Ryan territory, but a cut above both of them. Lynn's characters and stories have a lot more to them - I guess because he is an actual writer and so doesn't just use a ghost-writer to churn out the same old rubbish the way the SAS lot do.