death for speaking out

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by notinmyname2, Jan 10, 2004.

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    throwing grenades at people with rifles most reasonable people would decide your asking to be shot
  2. Who's "we"? are you not a citizen of the Uk? just like all the other people then, "we" went under orders.

    Get a life and come back with something original and constructive
  3. ex-dvr1

    Huh where in my original post did I even type we!!!!!! Have we been taking the blinker drugs again per chance!!
  4. ok mr literary genius what i meant was in reply to the
    so no you didn't say "we you said "you" as in you are not included, because it was the government that decided what was to happen, not Her Majesty's Forces. As you are part of this nation you helped as well! by paying your tax's.
  5. Just think Not in my probably paid the tax money, which went to the MoD, which was used to pay the wages of the person who made those bullets and the wages of the soldiers who fired them and killed those Iraqis. Bit of a bastard that eh?
  6. We should remember that firemen like NIMN2 (assuming he is Reuben's latest incarnation) probably don't pay tax on their earnings from their second jobs fitting kitchens or double glazing or whatever else they do with all that time off they get, so the concept of contributing to, and taking responsibility for what the government does in their name probably doesn't occur to them.
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Flabbergasted again!
  8. And your alternative please Not In My Mind 2 ?

    Perhaps a return to the old regime ?

    Which of the following would have been the headline pre-war?

    A ) “ President Hussein sets up task force to initiate job creation scheme in Amarah after protests”

    Or perhaps

    B) “Iraqis shot on street in Amarah during peaceful protest -Hundreds arrested - secret Police working overtime, mass graves being dug to inter those tortured to death”.

    Also, perhaps you can enlighten us as to a place in the world where protesters have the right to throw hand grenades at the Police/Security Forces without the fear of retaliation. (retaliation which in this case would be controlled by clearly defined rules of engagement) - perhaps in the Anarchic never-never land you seen to live in.

    Now crawl back under the rock from whence you came until you have some thing constructive or intelligent to add to the forum.
  9. Easy for someone to say who has not got the "gut's" to be there in the first place.
    And how would you deal with someone who was about to blow you to pieces?
  10. Roll his eyes at them then wet himself no doubt :roll:
    Notinmyname could you at least make an attempt to write an
    argument to support your comment?
  11. NIMN2 - 'not tolerating protest' in Saddam's time meant that there was no protest at all. When there was (Basra area circa 1991, for instance) thousands upon thousands of people died, imprisoned, tortured, and displaced.

    The fact that the protest took place at all rather undermines your argument. If I'm not being too charitable in describing your post as an argument.
  12. It now appears that HMF only shot the 6th and final person (mr IED thrower), the other 5 were shot by the Iraqi Police before HMF arrived on the scene.
  13. UK military officials confirmed at least one man was shot dead by a British soldier, as he was about to throw a grenade at troops.

    looks like self defence to me.
  14. I am sure that this will not prevent Bliar ordering a full investigation, at a huge cost, at which Mr Abdul Al-McGuiness will claim that the British troops murdered this rioter who was entirely unarmed apart from a hand grenade. Mr Al-McGuiness is the South Amarah representative of the Provisional Iraqi Raghead Army.