Death during training.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Ihavejamonmyjeans, Dec 14, 2008.

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  1. So I'm on a six mile TAB with a Signaller mate of mine (I'm training for Phase 1) and I decide to bring up my favourite subject... the Army and Army training :) My mate turns to me and says that as little as fifteen years ago, people used to die during phase 1 training from things like dehydration etc. Now I know, like many of my friends that this guy bullshits to the extreme but I would like to hear it from soldiers who have been there and done it. Have soldiers died during training within the last twenty years and was it common?
  2. Has happened (I think an OCdt at Sandhurst died of dehydration a good few years ago on a tab) but it is pretty rare. There is quite a big duty of care thing going on with everybody reminded to drink lots of non alcoholic drinks the night before tabbing etc. The night before my run in on my A2 POM we were sat down in a hangar and had to drink two full waterbottles (4 pints) before being allowed to get our heads down.
  3. correct, an O/CDT died on the intake before mine on a tab of a heat related illness - that said RMAS is more demanding than ph1 so i wouldn't worry about it
  4. Anybody explain what 'tabs' are ?
  5. Just like a 'yomp' only with more clothing worn and less roll mat action.
  6. A tab is 3 times longer than a yomp and much faster
  7. The Army tends to frown upon recruits dying as you are expected to complete your training.
  8. I would agree, RMAS is a lot more demanding as you have an operation to remove your common sense and replace it with chippyness and a belief that everything that officers do is right and harder than what soldiers do.
  9. absolutely!!!
  10. Tactical Advance to Battle

    running over lots of hills carrying a bergen and a weapon. Doesn't count if it isn't raining.
  11. Spotter head on ..... TAB = Tactical Advance to Battle - done by the Army, marines yomp
  12. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    One died at Catterick (mid 90s) when I was there. Lad collapsed at the end of a session. Turned out that the poor sod had sickle cell anaemia which hadn't been picked up.

    Going back a little more, I think there was one killed on the ranges in Juniors at Ouston (89-90?), shot in the back by the man in the next lane. Believe his death led to the changes in drill for the advance to contact live firing practises, inserting "make safe" where there had been a simple "apply safety catches" before.

    And no it isn't common at all.
  13. Nothing to do with dehdydration but i see on the news not long ago a lad drowned during ITC.
  14. Thanks , cant wait ! :D .
  15. But you carry nowhere near enough weight... :twisted:
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