Death by Rumour

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by benjaminw1, Mar 3, 2006.

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  1. Quote from the local IoW rag today...

  2. Watch out Ben - no TA on the island means they're about to give you to the Frogs. Hope the Secret Army is going to co-ordinate its efforts with an Legion of Frontiersmen who can make themselves available.
  3. No, other rumours abound that the Island is going to be made a 'Holding Area' for unwelcome visitors to the UK (Australians, Kiwi's, South Africans)... there they will be 're-educated' in the ways of civilized culture and the need to walk up and down outside my house at 3 in the morning singing 'Crowded House' songs will be erased from their brain (cell).

    It is also reported that once the Education Centre is established it's location will be leaked to the first emerging Middle Eastern Nuclear Power with the suggestion that this may make a perfect 'First Strike' location...

    Or maybe I made that all up...
  4. Quote from the Guardian today, 2012...

  5. Harry Wragg - There's a name from the past.
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Harry Wragg - Top PSAO, and all-round good egg.

    Can anyone tell me the title of the IoW PWRR Platoon? I seem to remember that it was the longest title I'd ever seen - something like "9 (Princess somebody's own Regiment) Platoon, C (Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment) Company, the Royal Rifle Volunteers."

    Needed a sign the size of the Drill Hall.
  7. I've done my Tafs 1 & 2 and will be doing my first Tuts next weekend at Bedford, and I have my CMSR in April/May at Bassingborne
  8. "Tuts"?

    What's that?
  9. Er whoops i've replied to wrong post hahaha!!

    Tuts is Top up Training
  10. Try 9 Platoon, (Princess Beatrices' Own), C Company (Duke of Connaughts), Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment (Queens and Hampshires) or something like that.
    A Caulkhead sends.
  11. Was it not something like "Duke of Connaught's".

    I should know, really. I was at Hilsea for about three months. Hi, woody! I'm the Gwarr Greenjacket from the Londons. J** C**k'll know who I am if you don't remember.

    P.S. you should have seen the amount of TRFs they wore - the indian tiger, PWRR DZ flash and the RRV stag. They had a few probs fitting on the old ISAF flash IIRC.
  12. 9 (Princess Beatrice's Isle of Wight Rifles) Platoon, C (Duke of Connaught's Own Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment (Queen's and Royal Hampshires)) Company, The Royal Rifle Volunteers.

    The Pl Comd got some tired of waiting he left the island and went elsewhere, it's almost a year since the Pl were told they were being cut.
  13. Rumour (death from) of course, but I was led to believe that for some weird and wonderful reason (no doubt kept quiet from the incumbent), that the Pl Comd had as an unofficial title 'Supreme Commander Channel Approaches'.

    I really do hope it is true. Now is there time to apply, and where has all that gold braid gone?
  14. Also known as supreme commander land forces lsle of wight :lol: . Odd place and some decidely odd soldiers .Guess they will be missed if only as the rest of the coy cant whine about them .Dont mention the effing tiger trf caused trouble in iraq last year so I'm told.