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Death by Powerpoint *The horror... The horror*

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Nightrained, Mar 25, 2007.

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  1. I've no idea if this is the right section. But I wanted to get something off my chest.

    Is it just me, or is it any course you go on, any brief you hear is alway presented by powerpoint. With the same green background and poorly illistrated pictures. :frustrated:

    Surely they, the powers above us can construct some new way of presentation. :frustrated:
  2. You obviously don't remember 'Vu-Foil'
  3. Hey, at least all your .ppt presenttations are in english. It seems all the ones in the Canadian Forces were first written in french and then translated with that fcuking Babel Fish translator thingamawhatits...
  4. And that's debatable.

    I've wondered to this day what HEATH and Safety is.
  5. He..He.. Just reminded me of the BIT Cse i attended, all the slides we had were vu-foils, took bloody ages to make and afterwards too bloody useless to use in the future....
    Powerpoint was a revelation when i became an Instructor.

    However he is right in the sense, that every Ppt lesson does have the usual yellow on blue background. Come on be more adventurous.

    Maybe your man would be better suited to a bit of chalk and a blackboard.. :thumright:
  6. OR N MY DAY..

  7. And COLOURED chalk.

    Though never black.
  8. [quote="dance_with_the_devil]

    However he is right in the sense, that every Ppt lesson does have the usual yellow on blue background. Come on be more adventurous.


    Apparently, the yellow on blue was chosen as it's easy on the eye. Having sat through some horrors with red on blue and green on purple, I can see why!

    Spelling mistakes are just laziness, as you can use the Spell Checker for PowerPoint.
  9. now now M_S (lets not get P.C)
  10. I think the colours were pastels.

    You could eat them when you got bored.
  11. Nothing like Vu Foil and chinagraph pencil. Nothing wrong with a blackboard either.

    Take the right notes and you're on a winner anyway, regardless of the medium.

    Of course there was always the ubiquitous Gestetner for copying precis for the course. I suppose there has to be some thanks given for modern technology.
  12. Our boards were japanned - so we used chinagraphs.
  13. some people made a korea out of it.
  14. yea i have been warned about powerpoint.Apparently the number 1 case of depression in the army is powerpoint,i've heard of people having 'Powerpoint' based nightmares this true???
  15. Don't know about the nightmares,
    But iv'e certainly fallen asleep during a few presentations in my time...Zzzzz.