Death by grenade - NOT PLEASANT

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Proximo, Sep 24, 2005.

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  1. I have tried to put this on an uploader site but I am having issues this evening.

    A novel way to implement a death sentence.

    3Mb in size.
  2. 8O bloody hell!!!!
  3. Thats the last time they will forget to put sugar in the bosses coffee!
  4. Ah, good. Now I've seen what it does to anyone wearing a horrendous 70's droopy tache, I'll feel much happier if I ever end up posting one into his little hole in the desert/mountains/plains!

    That sounds like Iraqi arabic to me, but I've forgotten most of mine now. Anyone translate? It's quite clear.
  5. FFS! where were you searching to find that one???
    Syria maybe??
    All they did was roll up late on stag...
  6. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    A bit extreme. A bullet would be easier.
  7. And they want us to say sorry for knocking down a wall !!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. well there is another way to look at all this-

    one less eh!

    saves our ammo
  9. One of Saddam's little jokes.

    Stopping this kind of savagery would have been a more acceptable reason for removing him & his kind.

    Those who amused themselves in this way are the ones who want to see Iraq fall into chaos, in order to regain their power.
  10. The PERFECT way to get rid of Chavs and their diseased burberry clothing.
  11. Wonder why the press ave never run that one side by side with the "look how nasty th coalition troops are" stories?

    Excellent way of clearing Chavs though, I agree with the fish head
  12. I found it strangely erotic.

    The glimpse of the fella's cheeky moustache before he was toasted made a blob of precum appear on the end of my bedsnake :D