Death Bout Fantasy

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by still21inmymind, Sep 14, 2007.

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  1. Nominate two persons to take part in a bout to the death. You know the sort of stuff, wearing barbed wire wrapped gloves, no holds barred.

    My nominees for the opening bout would be:

    Jeremy Kyle & Trisha Goddard, for giving chavs & scum the impression that someone gives a fcuk, and for encouraging them.
  2. Piers Morgan and Max Clifford (pair of cnuts!)
  3. Anne widdecome and clare short
  4. Quarter final:

    Tony Bliar and Gordon Brown
    Tony Bliar and that fcukwit Cameron
    Tony Bliar and Cherie Bliar
    Tony Bliar and Carole Caplin

    Semi final

    Any survivors from the above

    Final anyone still alive against each other. Fcuking tw*ts

    Edited to add I'd kill the survivor of the final, too.
  5. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Gordon Brown vs The Leprechaun Of Death - no particular reason :)
  6. Jim Davidson and that gay bloke off Hells Kitchen. Peed off with the bluddy wingeing little gay toad. Jim should have just punched him out there and then.
  7. Amanda Redman and Paul O'Grady. She's a saggy, bottoxed has-been, spewing out the same tired scripts with that stupid pout of hers and he's a whiney c0ck munching cnut of the first order, punching out the same 80s style council house, brain numbing, variety show, camp-comedy shlock that should have died with Its a Knock Out.
  8. Moody v Rio Female. My money's on Moody.

    Quotes from Lonely Hearts Facebook thread:

    RF: "AHEM! lol - there are plenty of us 'Decent Women' on the web

    MB: Tout your trout somewhere else please.

    RF: PMT?

    MB: Not at all. Just waiting to see when you'll make a decent contribution to any thread instead of trying to convince 30,000 faceless internet users that you're worth a squirt.

    RF: PMSL - Oh dear - I guess you don't like new blood on here - far too much competition for you as it is? or what? All I said was there are 'some decent women out here' ..... you just proved a point though - clearly you AREN'T one of them

    MB: Maybe, maybe not...I just don't feel the need to tell everyone.

    Good luck in your search for co ck.

    RF: LMAO - Hilarious!!!!!!!! "
  9. That silly bint who used to be on Blue Peter????? Also did the lottery???

    Well, her and Carole Voderman the maths/insurance blart!!

    I would pay money for that one!
  10. Little & Large
    M.Barymore & Chris Evans
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    That stupid vacuous tw@t on late night 'news discussion' - the ex-tory gimp fighting the stupid vacuous tw@t ex-labliar party tw@t.

    You've got hairy-boy news anchor (wossisname) sitting on a comfy chair listening to these two fcukwits blathering on about news events (I forget the name of the program to protect my sanity) in a completely, well, vacuous, retarded, gimp-like way whilst doing a big touch-his-knee love-in alongside various equally moronic guests.

    It makes me feel physically sick and adds nothing to any debate in any way, anywhere to any audience.

    Someone might know the program I'm talking about, but if I can be arrsed, I'll look it up. Either way, I'd like to see these two batter each other into a bloody oblivion for my pleasure.
  12. Kate Mccann Vs Myra Hindley.

    Harold Shipman to adjudicate
  13. First bout would have to be:-

    David Dickinson Vs. That Tw@ that hosts Cash In The Attic

    And secondly:-

    Bao Xinshun Vs. Verne Troyer
  14. My money's on the sort dude.
    Teeth at knacker height?, he's won already.
  15. Gordon Brown and David Cameron. It's a win-win scenario and has to be better than PMQT.

    P.S. I notice Broon's appearing on a lot of these bills. Must be coincidence....