Death benefit?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by nawlinsboy, Jul 6, 2006.

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  1. nawlinsboy

    nawlinsboy Swinger

    Just been given some rather bad news regarding a cancer prognosis and I wont be reaching 62 for my pension,
    At present I am 39, I joined as a boy soldier in Jan 84 and left in Apr 90.
    Can my wife claim any part of my pension?
    Can I transfer my funds out before I die?
    Looking to get something back instead of losing it,

  2. Sorry to hear your bad news. Contact the Legion/Veterans agency for guideance re pension.......
  3. Agreed you need to get this right - see fingers comments above.
  4. nawlinsboy

    nawlinsboy Swinger

    Thanks for the advice,
    does anyone have contact details
  5. hackle

    hackle LE

  6. hackle

    hackle LE

    Veterans Agency contact page

    This and the Legion link I gave are both live links - clicking on them should open up the linked page.

    One or other of these agencies should be able to come up with a quick answer.

    Welcome to PM me if any problem.

    best wishes

    Douglas Young
  7. RAMC_Medic

    RAMC_Medic Crow

    Best of luck, Nawlinsboy. Hope that chemo / radio works out for you.