Dear Woman Or, willful figurative emasculation. Most unwatchable video ever

Fucking vegetarians. Just cut your balls off and shut the fuck up..


I watched as far as 1 min 30 seconds. I asked Mrs. Trowel to watch it, she got as far as 2mins 30 seconds before asking me why I was "making " her listen to a bunch of "cults"
I watched the whole 8 mins 23 seconds, mind you I'd turned the sound off.
I say good on 'em. If that doesn't get them laid, nothing will.
I posted a comment, but it said "comment pending approval"....well, that's that then. No way will what I wrote get approved by those cock-munchers.
12 seconds ...but then I was forewarned.

I once spoke bollocks like that when I was pissed as a shithouse rat trying to chat up some NAAFI tart (I think she was a valley girl) . That didn't work, but tripping her up and managing to get myself under her when she fell over, did.

I think.
These fcukknuckles are aware men and women were burnt and persecuted as witches right?

And that male circumscision is also prevalent, as is female (lthough that only tends to happen in backward countries/cultures), male circumscision is practiced in pretty normal ones.

In all the bit i watched was utter sh1t and factualy incorrect in many cases. Are these guys trying to get some feminist poontang or something?
I say good on 'em. If that doesn't get them laid, nothing will.
Unless the females are traumatized victims of physical and/or sexual abuse, I severely doubt it! If any man started talking crap like that to me I'd knee him in the bollox and whilst he was doubled over, crack him over the back of his head with something hard and heavy. Patronizing bastards.
i lasted 4 mins and the dry heaving became too much, they should wash the sand out of their twats and go back to being men
I wouln`t want to go any where near a female that was even slightly interested in those pillocks. I really ho[pe that when they all meet up they are not able to breed.
My bold. Pillock is a top word. i haven't heard it for ages!
1 min 42 btw.


My bold. Pillock is a top word. i haven't heard it for ages!
1 min 42 btw.
Yes BJD, pillock is a good word. I don`t use it much these days as my type of Old English/Old Norse/Gallic/ Old French/Brythonic dialect is dying out. I am trying desperately to learn Paki and Coon as they seem to be the new Lingua Brittanica, but I am failing miserably as I am getting quite old and frail.
In the words of Mr T: 'Get some nuts!' (38 seconds .. but I had fair warning)
1 minute 38 seconds ...... What drives these guys? If they were worshipping their women's vulvas or something equally sticky, I'd understand. But this is so abstract ..... It lost me - or did I lose it?

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