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Paoli -  Good points, all.  What still niggles me is that as a Unit my Bn is at R7, so bottom of the pile for spares, Training Facilities, ammo, etc.  When cr*p hits fan, we suddenly go to what is in effect R3, but with no increase in log or training back up.  Sure, the individuals want to go, but we all should and could have been better trained.  We were planning on going as a Coy, but in the event we are going (Telic 2) as a strong Pl, having already supplied many individuals fro Telic 1.  
As to Bdes deploying on their own - well, that was never a TA problem in the past, as we only got involved at Large Scale or V Large Scales of effort.  Now we seem to get roped in to every event, and not just as FTRS - due to overstretch, I presume.

Basically, as long as the Soldiers (and crucially their employers) know what they are letting themselves in for, and as long as the old f*rts like me stay around to help train them, the system will survive.

We could really do with a pension, like the US NAt Gd, though!  Anyone know of the attempts to take the TA Pension case to the European Courts?



I can't see the system staying the same.  If the army needs bodies at short notice, we become a temping agency and I for one, don't believe that that is the way ahead.

i have not had a chance to read all of the posts, however in response to the subject, here is our story.

the newspapers say that there was only ever 1 formed TA unit deployed to the Gulf, 131 Indep Cdo RE, this is however not true.  101 Pioneer Sqn was mobilised on the 11 Mar and deployed to the gulf 6 hours before the shooting war stared.  we were deployed as a formed unit made up of members of 168 Pioneer Regiment.  As a background, we are composed solely of Specialist soldiers who offer a commitment of 19 dyas per year.  Amongst our ranks are master craftsmen including bricklayers, carpenters, electricians, mechanics, railway workers to name but a few.  We were told that we were being mobilised to backfill the deficiencies of 23 Pnr Regt which we were proud and happy to do.  However, we have found that for our entire tour, apart from the odd basic job of dunnage that could be done by a 10 year old with a saw, we have been employed as sentires for various locations, in addition to now serving the food, cleaning the toilets and tents and generally picking up the pieces of units leaving theatre.. degrading stuff for a Sqn full of such highly qualified and motivated soldiers.  Having spent time in Iraq, it is soul destroying to see what we could have done with the infrastructure when we are being employed in a role that could have been done by any old unit... what was the point of mobilising us at all.

Sadly, the only outcome off all of this will be that most will leave after our return, which incidentally is in 4 months time, recruitment will suffer when everyone finds out what we have been doing and so on.

There are many other issues that wee have been contending with, but they are too long to write about.

To conclude, our sqn of pioneers could have done incredible thngs with their skills, but are being relegated to 'cold war' takss of 'stagging on' for other units cleary not capable of the most simple jobs.

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