Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Soldier_Why, May 4, 2003.

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  1. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

  2. I would say it is definitely true, and he has a very real and justified grievance.

    It's my opnion that the TA shouldn't have been there anyways because that is not their role, and even if they have been put in that position, neither are they professional soldiers, and shouldn't be expected to like going through the tour process a regular would.

    Let's face it, if they wanted to serve abroad, and serve under the same conditions and time as a regular they would have joined the regular fcuking army, and not the TA.
  3. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    What, in your opinion, is their role then?
  4. Everybody who has joined the TA since GW1 must have been aware that they would more than likely be called up in the event of a further action.  Christ we've had Boz, Kosovo, Macedonia, Sierre Leonne and Afghanistan since then and each of those theatres (probably not SL) has had a TA contingent, so what do people expect.  If you joined the TA to stay at home, then you joined for the wrong reason and you're giving the TA a bad name by whining about it.  They (and I expect that it will be a number equitable to the amount of whingers we have in the Regs, i.e. the odd 1 or 2, who wouldn't be happy anywhere) should stop whinging and get on with it.  

    So, there's a bit of the STAB/ARAB thing going on.  F*ck sakes, rise above it.  If they are being fed on compo whilst the Regs are getting fresh (I'm doubtful of that claim), then it's down to the TA commanders to sort it out for their blokes.  Don't they all eat at the same place?   I always have when I've served alongside the TA.  

    I'm pretty sure that there are quite a few TA Officers who couldn't give a rat's ass about protocol, if it meant feeding their blokes properly.  They're not Regular Officers and don't have careers to worry about.

    So, some b*ggers chick has left him.  Whoopdeedoo.  If that's the case, the relationship wasn't strong enough to begin with, so he's better off out of it.   Christ, you'd think he was the first squaddie to get 'Dear John'd'.

    As for the leaving family behind, well............welcome to the Army folks!  It happens all of the time to us.

    I don't agree with differences on Ops, we're all in the same gear, so fair shares all round, but then again, I've never seen any 'differences' on Ops, so I doubt the allegation has much substance.  As for the rank thing..........grow up and stop taking it so seriously.  

    If the Regs that the Sgt is attached to (he says he's from 1 GS is that a TA unit? or a Reg unit?) are acting like gits, then they must be a sh*te unit with sh*te command.  But then, is everything he says true...............they do say that a whinging Tom is a happy Tom!  Perhaps he should just try to make the best of a bad thing, that's what we're famous for isn't it?  

    And when he gets back, he should hand his gear in.
  5. Dear mummy and Daddy,

    the pay is fine (ish)The weather is hot,  will you please send a letter to sir cause I want to come home, I don't like it here and  I want to show off my medal to my mates, so they think I'm a hero, but please don't let anyone know cause then they will know I'm a cnut really.....
  6. The TA is a home defence force, hence the word territorial.

    In my experience they were always chucked in with the regs anyways, so I don't believe, though it may be true, that a TA unit has made up a full fighting unit, more like a Zulu company.

    But regardless of various conflicts in the past decade or so, if you join the TA you won't expect a six month tour.

    It's easy for regulars to take the piss, and my first instinct is to do just that, but these are essentially civvies, whatever they call themselves and however they are trained.

    I also agree with another of the posters that I don't believe they are still getting fed compo and the regs getting fresh.
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Unfortunately some people like me have served 22 years in the Regular Army and have served 500+ days LSSA abroad, but have chosen to join the TA as an opportunity to continue our careers, possibly serve abroad if required. But unfortunatley the TA soldier will always have prejudice thrown at him from the Regulars, because of what he is- A wannabe and part-timer. But the TA soldier is there to augment and provide some relief for the ARAB on the dull Balkans tours and Falkland Islands.

    So please dont post statements that slate people like me who have possibly been on more tours than you and served more time than you. People chose the TA as a sideline. I agree some aren't worth their bounty but others put the Regulars to shame like you- if you are in fact a regular Soldier.

    Be you regular or TA you still deserve respect for wearing a uniform in whatever circumstances- and your opinion is borne out of ignorants and a pre concieved ideas. You dont even grasp the role of the TA.

    Reference professionalism, a fair part of the Medical effort in the Gulf are TA and they are the surgeons, nurses and medics saving Regular soldiers lives.
  8. The point is the TA commanders aren't out there to look out for their blokes, which is the problem with using the TA as individual reinforcements (which would appear to be the case here) as opposed to the formed units that they train to be.

  9. For a start, I doubt even with 22 years you've served more tours than me, but no matter, you have served more time.

    What's getting you so hot under the collar? Nobody slated the TA, in fact, if you read the post you'll see I was standing up for them. The TA is 'NOT' the professional army, and 'IF' they wanted to be they would JOIN the regulars, which is exactly what I said.

    But I do take exception that some TA might have put me to shame, that's laughable. If you did serve for 22 years, what mob? This is an especially interesting question considering you think some TA might put regulars to shame. I'm no longer serving, but while I was I had more than a little experience of TA. But for all that I respect and appreciate the TA, but they aren't regulars, shouldn't be expected to do what regulars do, and shouldn't be treated like regulars with regards operational tours. Except for medics, and that's always been the case.

    Maybe reading posts with more care will in the future save you looking like an arrsehole, I slated nobody and in fact was doing the exact opposite.

    I don't think this piece of rhetorical shyte is even deserving of an answer, but it was you that said they were part timers and wannabes. The role of the TA? You've already showed your ignorance of it, or what it always was and should be. It's only relatively recently because of more and more overseas commitments that they have been used to much.

    Lastly, you haven't served as a regular and I would say your only experience is with TA.

    Next time read the posts.
  10. Shoota - That's not the point at all, but if the individual is being singled out, then he/she should have the courage to approach the Regular Commander and report the matter.   If he is indeed being singled out, I doubt that the reason behind it is that he is TA.  It's more than probably not, the fact that he is a chod, who bleats all day and night.

    Now we can argue about this until the cows come home, but the fact is that he is a SNCO, irrespective of whether TA or Reg, and he prefers to whine and tell tales to his parents, rather than do what he should do.   That being, get in there and sort out a better deal for your troops.  You don't need officers to get that sort of thing done.  He should be well in with the CQMS's, WO's and the cooks.  If he's in field conditions and  can't get decent scoff for his troops by hook or by crook, then he's failed the initiative test.   But like i said in my previous post, I doubt there's discrimination at the field kitchen.   He sounds like one of life's whiners.  And bollox to the dictionary meaning of 'Territorial', you wear the kit, you draw the money, you get the bounty, now earn it, just like the rest of the TA who, when deployed, go about their duties as soldiers, without complaint.  

    If he's unhappy, he should quit on his return.  I'm sure there's some full screw out there holding it all together and probably doing this clowns job (whilst he writes little notes home to his mum),  who will replace him permanantly.
  11. That just about covers it Masonic, and while I agree with you 100%, I have a slightly different view of the end result.

    I've never seen anybody treated differently with regards scoff and sharing the work. The worst might be a bit of piss taking, but that happens between units of regulars, not just TA and regulars.

    He might have a point,  but as you say, he is a sergeant and should be working with it and not whinging.
  12. I'm having trouble believing that a Sergeant hasn't had a word to get the scoff sorted out. I mean, he is a Sergeant, he's done the time, done the courses, so how the hell is he in this position, if he is? What about other TA troopies under his command?

    6 months is the tour quoted. It was certainly the length of time quoted to the specialists from us mobilised.

    I believe everyone mobilised was told that, as I think at the time, we didn't expect the war to last 6 days or whatever, and now that the regs have got their units up to something approaching wartime establishment, no, they don't want to let them go.

    I mean, FFS this Sgt. is a loggie, now I always thoght that was one step up from Fagins Apprentice. You mean he can't arrange any fresh at all? Or he hasn't had a word with the Master Gyppo?

    Sorry, it sounds cock

  13. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I read your post and your signature block which states you were maybe in the REME as an Armourer, so your numerous tours statement leaves me slightly bewildered.

    Please don't try and guess my career and service, as I won't bother to dream up yours. You obviously do that well enough for yourself.

    Let me just put you right, I've served with the TA as a PSI, serving as TA at the moment, nd if you had read my post the phrase part-timers and wannabes is the perceived opinion of 90% of Regulars. And as an Ex Warrant Officer I agree a Sgt should be able to approach an other SNCO and get his tucker sorted! Oh and lets not forget the two Regulars from 16AA Bde who were sent back prior to the conflict.
  14. msr

    msr LE


    It's not true, it's a wind up and look how much hot air (electrons?) has been generated just on ARRSE ;D ;D ;D ;D