Dear Mr Hoon

RE: Speech in the house of commons


On the 7th of January , you stated , in reply to a question posed by Mr. Paul Keetch (Hereford)
As for the question of friendly fire, we are engaged in a process of ensuring that combat identification is dealt with satisfactorily. There is no single technological solution to that difficult problem, but we will acquire new equipment that will be available in time for any potential conflict in the Gulf. Obviously, I cannot go into precise details, but, as for combat identification, I can assure the House that British troops will be able to work alongside American forces entirely safely and satisfactorily.
Hansard reference and context:

The nation was witness to this speech and it uplifted the moral of the men involved, who were clearly concerned about the likelihood of the Americans mistaking us for the enemy. It also put families minds at rest, especially after the incidents in GW1

I was wondering if you could shed any light on the Friendly Fire incidents affecting British Forces in the past seven days? I can't help but feel that you have deliberately misled for the purpose of quieting questioning voices. If they are in place and the chaps are simply not using them correctly then let us know.

If you have lied, then you are not worthy to attend the funerals or the home coming of our fallen troops matelots and airmen. Your presence made me want to travel to Brize and address the problem to you up close and very very personally

I only hope that you are called to account by the families of the victims

Yours in  utter disgust and contempt

Donut :mad: :mad:

editied for emotion, harsh language, and threats of violence involving large garden tools :)
Just been reliabley informed that the A10 cant interogate IFF

fair shout, just deploy them at night on the Syrain Border or anywhere away from friendly forces.

Also put british vehicles on the AFV recce slides for the Spam Air force
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