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Dear Mr Blair, why are you afraid to meet us?

What do you think about the letter?

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The open letter reads...
We, the undersigned, have each known the pain of losing someone very close to us in the war in Iraq. All of them, Mr Blair, were proud to serve their country, and always knew and accepted that their duty could take them into danger. They always had faith, though, that no British prime minister would ever commit them to fight in an unjustified war.
Despite my intense hatred for Blair and his government, and my deepest sympathy for those who have lost loved one, PM's have always sent service personnel to fight in their 'unjustified wars' and anyone that who does not recognise that before signing up needs to open their eyes.
asmallbrownduck said:
Could it because he is a bully and a coward?

I suppose that learned mr.Blair would meet with relatives of the fallen only if it would be profitable for him (from political point of view).
Educayshun. Educayshun. Educayshun. Educayshun.

And O, In The Year Of Our Lord, did Tony (TCB) decree, that "Doublethinkintgnonsmokingasylumseekingcompensayhsunseekinghomosexualhealthandsafetygestaposenforcingspeedcamerapoliticallycorrectingbunchofknobsuckingcretinous.................think of us?

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