Dear MODS - Please can you stop salami slicing Current Affairs to death

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by FORMER_FYRDMAN, Mar 1, 2011.

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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    MODS, I'll start by saying that you generally do a great job but... I don't know if this is a widely held view but in my humble the Current Affairs forum is suffering from a plethora of competing fora which have grown like topsy. A range of interesting CA topics are getting pigeonholed in the specialist sections which has degraded the number of contributors, the consequent breadth of view and the overall quality of the discussion, not least because no-one has the time to trawl through them all.

    Further, when a thread is posted in Current Affairs, it can be shunted off to places other than the Hole for no logical reason. I posted a discussion about the appropriate shape and role for the UK's armed forces. This thread is now in the Strategic Defence and Spending Review section. Why? It has nothing to do with SDSR which is a specific, politically driven, short-term cut and reshaping exercise with specific proposals, like cuts in Boarding School Allowance, for those who wish to discuss them. Are you telling us that all discussions about the future of defence now come under the SDSR umbrella? Why is the interaction of defence with international affairs and UK national policy in the future not Current Affairs?

    Please can Current Affairs topics be left in Current Affairs and please can we go back to the happy state of a couple of years ago where Current Affairs activity centred on CA and the Int Cell and wasn't spread across twenty other fora, each populated by a handful of diehards whose posts are generally an unleavened combination of violent agreement and personal attacks on Whet and Ashie. The International Forums have syphoned off a lot of interesting stuff and the RAF and Navy sections likewise ('Why we need a Navy' was a great thread of general Current Affairs interest which generated a lot of heated input. Why that had to be kidnapped just because 'Navy' was in the title, I have no idea).

    P.S. I know this is 'Site Issues' but it won't be seen there by anyone other than Auld Yin, who provides quality but not quantity and some feedback from the Kirk might be useful. If I'm a lone voice, I'll wind my neck in.
  2. Do the Mods have sole power to delete/move/lock threads? or do they consult with other Mods? One thread on here, perhaps in the wrong section, had 42 posts, and the Mod locked its a he found it dull, I didnt post on there and admittedly it wasnt too interesting to me, but with 42 posts obviously some didnt find it dull.

    No " look lads I'm moveing this because of..." just locked! that only indicates to me that perhaps the Mod in question has the personality of a widget and perhaps finds most things dull... in which case why be a Mod?

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    I don't want this to become a MOD bashing session as five minutes on many other sites would confirm the general quality of what they do but I do believe that there are now too many competing fora (look at the list below), quality is tailing off and there are various arbitrary and unhelpful thread relocations (I also think the Navy section getting continually spammed by largely spurious MOD RSS feeds which drive other threads off page one doesn't help but the fishheads seem to like it so so be it). For the good of the site, I think people should be encouraged to post to the widest appropriate forum.
  4. Whilst not exactly the point of the OP, I'm glad its not just me that has become dismayed about the quantity of forums that seem to have recently cropped up. The list of Mil Forums seems to go on forever and as for the Life forums at this rate thay will outstrip the Mil ones.

    I'm not convinced that the plethora of forums are the fault of the MODs though, I begrudgingly understand the reasoning behind them but agree with the OP that there are now too many.
  5. Agreed, and without "The last fifty" it's a long trawl. I'm sure I miss some threads on which to pontificate [as you do].
  6. Agree with that. Look at what happened over on RR, thousands of one line posts.
  7. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Thanks to everyone who has commented on this thread which has raised some interesting points.

    First of all I'd better declare an interest in that I moved the OP into the SDSR forum so pse don't blame those poor hard working mods! My rationale was that it was a more philosophical discussion about defence policy than a reaction to Current Affairs. I considered moving it to the Staff College forum but ended up with the SDSR one because there seems to have been many similar discussions on there. In my defence though, I made sure that there was a redirect from CA so that everyone could see where it went.

    The wider question of the number of forums (fora?) is an interesting one and frankly one of those things where we are never going to please everyone. I've been responsible for the creation of all the most recent ones so pse feel free to blame me. The rationale behind this is to make it easier for people to find the right place to discuss topics of interest. For instance I've recently created a forum for pensions and when I looked for suitable threads they were scattered all over the site!

    BTW, I always read stuff that goes into Site Issues so A-Y isn't quite alone!
  8. In defence of the MODs, it might help if certain people stopped posting so much drivel and shit.

    The quality of this site depends on the people posting. There are many (used to be only one or two) utter tosspots post utter rubbish: unoriginal thought, posts which demonstrate the poster is incapable of thought, cut-and-paste rubbish and circular arguments with no relation to reality, polemics written as though the person receives a large salary from the Grauniad or the Torygraph (or Fascist/Trots weekly), posts completely free of any facts or references, as well as the usual suspects posting ‘LOL’ and other chav-text inanities.

    If you want to stop your threads being edited, may I humbly suggest you stop posting crap? That there were 42 posts on a thread before it got locked is not the sign of an over-zealous MOD: it is a sign that there are a lot of ***** on this site who shouldn’t be allowed near a keyboard.
  9. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Some fair points and I think the OP has a good point in that there are quite a few competing forums that align themselves closely to CA and arguably, could remain there but when there are multiple threads about Afghan (for example) it makes sense to give them a home somewhere. As for locking threads that are dull - geo - that particular one was, frankly, dull as I said. You can't have it both ways, you either keep CA as it's meant to be or have it modded when people insist on posting complete tripe. That there were 42 posts on that particular thread means absolutely nothing, read the whole thing again, you'll see what I mean!
  10. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    I'd written a whole essay agreeing with your point and with Dread's when the bloody 'server too busy' message wiped it.


    I'd hope that you'd agree that the above has very little to do with moderator input? CA was always largely self-moderating and people could be relied upon to post reasonable topics and police themselves. It hasn't been quite as such for a while.

    1. No. The COs can do all of the above. 2. Mostly no. I trust Forastero's and cpunk's judgement in these things as I'd hope they trust mine. Similarly, I'd have no problem with either of them resurrecting something I'd binned if they felt it was unwarranted.
  11. I rather agree with the OP. Might I suggest the creation of a "super Current Affairs" forum into which very good threads can be promoted?

    There's a lot of quality in many CA threads, but also quite a few which are of passing interest but push the more heavyweight ones down the running order. This in turn leads to recurring threads over a couple of weeks addressing the same broad theme - its a bit hit or miss whether these generate interest or sink after a few posts. To my mind at least, the creation of a "Best of" Current Affairs would keep these uber-highbrow ( for ARRSE anyway! ) threads alive and able to provide an ongoing debate while the conventional CA forum discusses aspects of each issue as they are raised by news reports.

    If nothing else, although I don't take part in the heavyweight threads I really do enjoy witnessing Smartascarrots / Bazinho / WhiteCity and the like trading blows and it seems a shame for the really good thoughful exchanges to be lost amidst the day to day reaction to news. Segregating CA might also encourage cerebrally-minded new posters to contribute who might currently be deterred fear the wrath of Stacker, while perhaps diluting the current high brow clique at the same time.

    The NAAFI bar can be Viz & porn, the Int Cell the Daily Mail, Current Affairs the Telegraph... leaving the new forum to reach the lofty heights of something like Prospect.

    Oh, and I'm quite happy for the RN to have their own forum - especially if every headbanger with a fetish for carriers could be restricted from posting in any other one!
  12. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    It is threads such as this that makes me like and respect ARRSE. It hows that issues can be discussed in an adult manner, even internal ones.

    Yes there are more Forums and Yes it can get slightly confusing. But that surely is down to the success of the site. Of course there are people whose one and only pleasure in life is to try and get as many one-line posts putting down other posters - childish?; of course but often humorous. The site has a huge membership base with a corresponding diverse type of people so we will get a variety of posts, not all to each persons' likes.

    I am also glad that this has not turned into a Mod bashing (although I have done a bit of that in my time :) )

    Feedback is usually helpful, constructive feedback always is and I am sure the COs will take on board what has been said - but that also means that the decision may be to remain as is.

    I would like to point out that while I may lurk in Site Issues as mentioned by the OP I do so as a busybody with no Mod power or agenda! :)
  13. I must admit that I preferred fewer forums (forii?) - I don't like to have to range over so many to find threads of interest. It was easier before the recent changes.
  14. Dull though that thread was, it's somewhat unreasonable to put a stop to other peoples conversations because you consider them dull. I completely agree with your point about the posts clogging up CA, but in my opinion a better solution would have been to move the thread. This would keep it out of our way, whilst allowing the people who found it interesting to carry on.

    That feeds into the way I see the site working, in that:

    - Breaking news appears in CA, and remains there whilst it's very popular.
    - Once the 'breaking' phase passes and the posts start to dwindle, the threads can be moved on to the more specific forums.
    - This means that CA is left clear but threads which have active conversations can continue.
  15. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Thank you Auld-Yin. My Mods thank you for your support, but we feel it is time we stopped pissing about, you know? Yes, we have created more forums (and fora is flowers, or margarine - it's forums, OK?) to enhance your ARRSE experience. If you cannot take the time to suss out where your posts or new threads have gone, please go to the Help section and look for the 'Clueless' topic.

    My Mods know what is best for you, trust me. But this is no time for a load of old chat. The barbarians are at the gate and we must all pull together in selfless brotherhood and sisterhood and the weirdo's.

    Look my friends. The ARRSE is being cattled by Justin Bieber.


    Justin ******* Bieber is having a laugh. And my subjects are squabbling amongst themselves? I am disappointed. Disappointed.