Dear Lord I have shat my pants

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by BigJobs, Aug 13, 2005.

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  1. Anyone seen the film the Descent? It's by the same bloke who did Dog Soliders. Just watched it in a deserted cinema with a lady friend of mine, and I am physically shaken up. Tried to put on a brave face and all, but it just wasn't happening. We clung to each other throughout and I nearly had a heart attack in the first 25 minutes. Nothing funny about this. It's the only truely scary film I have seen in years.
    I'm now in my deserted flat (she had to pick up her sodding brother from a club and take him home), and I need someone to tell me it's going to be alright.

  2. Sorry about that. My clear intention was to post that twice obviously.
  3. Sorry to read about your obvious trauma, BJ, but a big THANKS for posting about it - I now know to avoid it! This from a girl who bought The Exorcist on DVD when it was released amid a load of fanfare a few years ago, yet still isn't brave enough to watch it! :oops:
  4. Just had a brill idea. It's all about women who go caving and bad things happen v fast to them. Send a copy to bin laden. He'll to be to scared to stay in his cave, and we can nab him while his in the open. It's the morning now, so I'm feeling a little braver.
  5. I wanna see it even more now, thats a few people I've heard say it's scarey so I think I'll give it a whirl ;-)
  6. Never whatch scary movies when you live alone, or you are going to the woods on army weekends/ ex etc!!! We had one lad, no names no pack drill, still quite new to the green machine, who had just watched "Sleepy Hollow" (horror movie, ghostly headless axe man, dwindling number of characters retaining their own heads etc) and he got very freaked out, some how a random cow was following him back from a shovel recce, and the clipity clop of the hooves on the ground made him think it was the headless horseman and all that ..... so this big roughty toughty fellow was very freaked out... had to put in in the coy HQ brewery, I mean tent, to calm his nerves
  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I bet he didn't admit to too many people that he was freaked out by a random Cow!! lol poor old Sod
  8. On a long static Ex in BFG, decided to pitch bivvy about 100m from det for a bit of peace and quiet, was not a bright idea to stick the headphones on and listen to Black Sabbath alone in the dark scary forest :oops: :oops: :oops:
  9. Don't knock it! I launched a schmooley at a poor unsuspecting cow once whilst on ex. Served the cnut right for making a matelot 'do' living in the field. I was bored. Cows can move fast you know. But not as fast as a matelot running from a RM CSgt
  10. Wow, that movie sounds good. I do like a good scare, but not on my own. Anyone fancy coming with me to watch this?
  11. It does sound rather good, sounds a damn sight better than Willie wonka choccies that some friends are off to see tomorrow. I remember reading the book and can't for the life of me see how it'll make a good film.
    Dog soldiers on the other hand, fan-fcukin-tastic comedy.
  12. Dog Soldiers is brilliant - get the DVD; enough extras to warrant the price-tag, never mind the film that they come with :D
  13. Remember being on ex in Germany, we were harboured in a quarry. Spent ages blacking out the truck cab so I could read The Tommy Knockers by Stephen King. The prologue tells you what Tommyknockers are, the ghosts of dead miners who knock still hoping to be dug out, put that book down straight away!!