Dear God, save Britain from Mr Blair.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by EAGLE1, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. There is a theme running amongst world leaders at the moment, a frightening theme of religious beliefs.
    Now this would not trouble me if it was just a case of world leaders visiting church on Sundays and taking their children to see the nativity play, maybe a rushed last minute turnout when they would rather be Christmas shopping or watching a good film that is being run by the television companies to placate the viewer and give him Christmas cheer to help him find the will to pay his licence fee.

    No- this is all far more sinister. I was watching the program Blair the inside story running on BBC2. He was being interviewed in his warm studio with soft pastel furnishings and photographs of his children behind him. All seemed normal-as in ‘wow they know how to set up a good old fashioned love scene to remove the viewer from the reality of the mass death and destruction that is taking place in this mans name‘-normal.

    Anyway the interviewer asked Mr Blair what had made him invade Iraq, to which Blair replied ‘well the people’. He was asked what he meant by the people and Blair said ‘well God‘. So lets be clear, this slip of the Freudian kind has given us all a warm insight into this mans mental thought processes. Tony Blair believes God has told him to wage war. So lets get this straight, based on the factual intelligence
    that you are also aware of:-

    1. GOD sent his voice to Al Qaeda telling them to hijack planes and kill thousands of innocent lives apparently he told them if they do this they will go to heaven.

    2. GOD then gives the strength to George Bush to mount a campaign of retaliation.

    3. GOD then sends his message to Mr Blair telling him to wage war on Iraq and Afghanistan.

    4. GOD is giving strength to the resistance fighters or insurgents in Iraq.

    5. GOD is giving strength to the insurgent fighters in Afghanistan.

    6. GOD is guiding the British troops in Iraq to pursue Mr Blair’s self defined ‘holy war‘.

    7. GOD is guiding the British troops in Afghanistan to pursue the same type of ’holy war’.

    Can you see the theme here, some leaders at this present time are chasing the voice of GOD separating themselves from the responsibility of the constant pursuit of destruction across our little planet. It is the new millennium play ‘good and evil’- with the stale old theme-‘GOD against GOD’ and by the time the final act comes to an end the death and destruction will be no clapping matter.

    These men came to power because their egos where driving them on to fill their need for power. Then a few terrorists launch an horrific attack on the world trade centre-Do we respond by looking for the culprits ?-no. The response to the actions of a ‘few individuals’ is to launch a war across the world then when the bodies stack up and up- turn to GOD and say he was the one who told you to do it.

    That’s a bit like the little boy who breaks your window then tells you it was the bigger boys who made him throw the stones-just replace the glass theme with bodies. Get real Mr Blair- the death and carnage in Iraq and Afghanistan at this time was sanctioned by ‘YOU’ so deal with it-just like the people of Iraq and Afghanistan have got to do.

    Why would any GOD send out so many mixed messages designed to cause death and destruction to a planet that GOD himself apparently created? Is this GOD such a sadist or did he leave the earth to us to live or die on by our own stupid war mongering foolish choices-driven by egocentric leaders who gained the trust of their respective nations in order to play at war albeit- from a great-great- distance ?

    Britain does not need anymore VOICES from GOD it desperately needs a leader with some cold crisp- COMMON SENSE.
  2. Fear not. Some common sense will be along soon. I've prayed to God for it to happen.
  3. 'God' is the normal outlet for those who cannot, or refuse to, accept responsibility for their own actions. Let's face it, when was the last time he/she/it was expected to answer for his/her/its decisions? Resorting to 'blaming' god tends to be a sign of weakness by those unable to justify their own actions in a normal, reasonable and rational manner to the rest of us good folk.

    Next time somebody tells you, 'it's god's will', just ask them to prove it - or you will hold them fully accountable for their actions!
  4. That God is a bit of a naughty boy, isn't he?

    I prefer to listen to the voices of the little penguins that tell me to let down car tyres and wee through letter boxes after drinking 8 pints of Sour Tortoise. They also tell God what to do.

    I blame the penguins.
  5. I go with the feeling that 'god' serves everybody's purposes, especially politicians.

    God's there to back up or justify whatever remedies are put in place. I don't for one moment believe that Blair is a 'believer'. He just knows the value of being seen as such. It gives added value to his image and goes a long way with some ignorant people. They see him invoking a supreme being when making these instinctive political decisions, and get impressed about it. Or he'll be attending church, all pious and humble, and tw@s fall for it every time. Before you know it, along comes the next election, and there's just no option, it's another cross in the box next to Labour. The mandate to carry on the killing.

    Whereas Bush is easier to fathom. He actually seems stupid enough to believe in not just god, but fairies, leprechauns, the Grinch and Shrek.

    And if he phoned Richard and Judy's quizline, he'd think he'd be in with a chance of winning.
  6. I followed Eagle 1's www link and noted that he was sexually abused. Wondering if God sent one of those mixed messages to him trying to indicate that he is a cumpulsive shirt-lifter wanting his back bottom flooded with manfat?

    Just wondering and dabbling in a bit of psycho analism......

    Eagle after being abused did you enjoy the taste of c0ck?
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    God created everything, God IS everything and God permeates everything. Everything is actually part of God's Great Plan and nothing happens and no thought is thought without Him knowing all about it.

    I rather like the bit about the never ending cycle of life, and renewal, and re-birth. Without it, all the bodies of the young and old that I've killed because of my damaged psychie (see God's plan) would not decompose and be reborn as soil and bugs and fings.

    Also, if Bliar should die of someting nasty (and explosive) and take Broon with him, it again is all part of God's plan. If the cnut lives to a ripe old age, it is merely God showing us that a: He is merciful and that b: there aint no justice in the fcuking world baby, get over it.
  8. Dont be such a chod 'ctauch' you 'all american god fearing septics' .... realy have no clue
  9. Really? I do think I can spot a shirt-lifter from a mile usually the one that has manfat glistening on his lips or he has a snail trail of manfat dripping from his dung trumpet...I must admit it is a God given gift I have spotting quegs.

    Why you upset is eagle 1 your ladyboy lurver?
  10. Not God Allah

    Right, so its an argument between God and Allah. They should sort it out one on one with a nice bit of milling and leave us the fcuk out of it. Otherwise God is on for a spanking - look who he has picked as captains of his teams!
  11. War hero, pilot, author, father of five kids, numerous qualifications and successful musician! Eagle 1, how did you ever stand still long enough to get involved in a bit of blurter squirting? Did you write that country standard "My Soul Belongs to Jesus But Uncle Billy Has A Prior Claim to My Rectum"? Or perhaps you collaborated with Gary Glitter?
  12. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    All worthwhile questions, ctauch.

    I'm wondering whether the Queen invited Eagle1 to the orgy after she'd decorated him with the mighty GSM.
  13. SpreadEAGLE's hobbies are no business of mine, but Blair refused to deny or confirm to a particularly pugnacious Paxman whether he'd got down with George and prayed in the Oval Office. Just think, some of the last kneecaps on that particular rug could have been Monica Lewinski's.
  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Typing using blue text is obviously the internet equivalent of lunatics writing using green ink when sending letters full of delusional ravings to their MP or "points of view".

    At least it makes it easy to decide which posts to read, or credit with any sort of common sense or reasoning.

    The highly decorated The_Duke GSM
  15. I think it's been said before, but maybe it's a reminder of the crayons used when sharp objects were not allowed?