Dear God, I thought I had problems.........

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by lsquared, Feb 8, 2007.

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  1. British soldiers are reknowned the world over for being all 'silly', 'soft' and 'gooey' where children are concerned.

    Therefore, I ask, urge, plead, and beg that you all consider the revolting case of abuse that was settled by sentence earlier today.

    A girl was born with cerebral palsy (I think I have problems!). She has been in care but sadly was returned to her natural parents.

    These 'parents' have today been sentenced to 11 and a half and 10 and a half years for cruelty to this four year old girl. Really brave, two adults beating up a four year old girl - yes, that must have taken some courage.

    Amongst the treatment handed out - the tiny girl had boiling water poured on her hands! It is reported that her skin was peeled and her bones were exposed ! Clumps of her hair were 'ripped out'. She was kicked in the groin frequently and so hard she had serious internal injuries.
    [align=center]Can you bear to read on?[/align]
    Every night she was locked naked in a lavatory and forced, yes forced to eat her own faeces!

    [align=center]Don't know if you can go on reading, but I can barely type.[align=justify]

    Her injuries were so bad that she had to have a general anaesthetic simply to be examined properly!
    The filth, the sub-human rubbish who did this are named SAMUEL DUNCAN and KIMBERLY HARTE

    I pray that the two named above, who as I type are in jail, meet in their prisons some seriously, on a major scale unpleasant individuals who disapprove of cruelty to children.

    Oh! please, please, if there is any justice, let Duncan and Harte come to painful, lengthy and unimaginably disgusting ends.
  2. Heard this on the news earlier. Absolutely abhorrent. What sort of sick f*ck does this to anyone, let alone their own child?

    What really gets me is how social services - who sent her back to her parents after initially removing her - missed this. They were meant to be continually monitoring the situation. Of course, an inquiry has found that the abuse was not permitted to occur due to the inaction of specific individuals. So social services get off scott free again.
  3. I'm sure the scum (understatement) will get whats coming to them, their sentences seem light to say the least.

    Is there any news on the condition of the little girl now and how she is being cared for?

    This kind of thing really does pull at the heart strings. I hope she has a happy life from now on.
  4. I dont consider myself 'silly' or 'gooey' - but harming defenceless children is the worst possible of crimes, maybe having a 4 year old daughter myself helps me to focus on this type of incident too much.

    Fortunately the little girl survived but I hope these two individuals dont survive their stay in prison.

  5. Words fail me.
  6. 6pm Radio 4 news said that her condition has markedly improved or words to that effect.
  7. In my opinion, crimes against children are the worst in the book.
    Hanging really is too good for these two and one can only hope that, in prison, they are made to suffer some of the pain that they caused that poor little girl
  8. evil and sick she needs her womb removing and he needs 2 bricks taking to his bollocks
  9. I can say in all casualness that I wouldn't mind if these two exited the gene pool. F*cking despicable.
  10. 10 years a piece? Are they taking the p!ss or what!?
  11. The amount of anger i feel for them doesn't come close to the sorrow i feel for her. I hope they die a slow and painful horrific death, f ucking scum!!
  12. These two sick b@stards deserve to be kept out of segregation...
  13. Makes you want the death penalty back!