Dear Gary Barlow. Please stop it.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Snail, Jun 4, 2012.

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  1. Is he on drugs or something? How many more old half dead singers can he rake up?

    Lenny Henry and jimmy Carr? He's having a laugh.

    Unlike me.
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  2. You're not've won a pony and some fizzy pink wine......
  3. I heard Amy Winehouse's corpse might be making a surprise appearance.

    Freddie Mercury's on standby.
  4. They'd be better than most of these lot.
  5. Any idea what Grace Jones was thinking when she decided to hula hoop through her bit, I am assuming she was on some sort of medication.
    and Annie Lennox is making my ears bleed, I'm off out for a smoke and top up.
  6. I'm listening to a collection of old Thatcher speeches so I wouldn't know.
  7. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    From the reign that brougt you The Who, Pink Floyd and Led Zep we get JLS and the thick bird of the voice.
    No wonder the DoE has chucked a sickie.

    Barlow would blow one of the Corgi's if he thought it would get a knighthood mind he'd have to fight Titchmarsh off the thing first.
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  8. I bet even the people that signed all the Di books have fucked off home now . Was Grace Jones ever credible or did people just buy her albums to see a bit of skin ? The hula hooping mad self indulgent cow .
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  9. And did you notice at the end of her performance she wished the Queen happy birthday!!!
  10. Is there a concert or something on? You'd think there would have been something on the news about it...
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  11. Well it's ALMOST her birthday, and given Jonesy is generally in her own little galaxy she did well to know what year it is, let alone what month!
  12. They should put Titchmarsh in the Upper House so he can show their Lordships how to wank off a flower.
  13. To be fair...young Sir Tom is sounding good, certainly by comparison with the rest of the tone deaf fuckwits they've dragged up!
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  14. I'm not watching this extravaganza so I'll take your word for it. Sounds like they're scraping the barrel a bit. I'm sure it's The Korgis though. Don't tell me they're there too...

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  15. You fecking Philistine!....with Sly and Robbie producing the 'riddims', she was hot in her day....the skin bit was a bonus. Not sure if I'd want to feck or fight her though..scary bitch, but she's 62 FFS!...and the hula hoop thing was part of her act from last year.

    Grace Jones ~ Private Life - YouTube

    Grace Jones - I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango) - YouTube

    Grace Jones - Pull Up To The Bumper - YouTube

    Slave To The Rhythm - YouTube
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