Dear Ex Colleagues

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Slightly_Nasty, Jan 26, 2008.

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  1. It has now been 5 months since I left your busom and went forth into civvie street. I just wanted to say how fondly I still hold you all in my thoughts, and..... oh yes, if there's anyone reading this from 2 MI.....

    Give me my fcucking Testimonial, you idle tw@ts

    Have a nice day, and thanks for listening :)
  2. Nasty......You write this as if you actually think it is something of value !!!!! I think mine is still sat in its OHMS envelope 8O
  3. I know, PF, but that silly little piece of paper is the only real way of proving my service for the last 22 years, and I may want to move jobs in the near future. If you were an employer, and someone claimed to be ex Army, but couldn't produce his Testimonial, you would either think he was lying, or perhaps trying to hide the fact that he left with an unsatisfactory conduct report.
  4. cheers old man, we love you too. although it's been odd having someone actually answer the phone when we dial your old number.

    reminds me of the old carslberg customer complaints department advert - "no, this is..." (blows dust off phone) "...5724... That's quite alright."

    longest resettlement absences ever :roll:
  5. Hello fellow former colleagues

    With only 3 "O" levels to my name, I'm pretty sure that my testimonial was valuable collateral in my application for TSI. You might yet find it of some value in other quarters?
  6. What? There was a phone in my office? I thought that was an alarm clock, but I never did manage to switch it off.
  7. You also presume that it has been written in such a way that it's worth having. :wink:
  8. 3 O Levels? I have only one thing to say to you..............swot.
  9. Testimonial? Ha! You're obviously labouring under the misapprehension that anyone who is still in cares. Now you've left, you don't exist old son!

  10. Hmm S_N how would it read I wonder....

    S_N is a menace to mattress covers, wildlife, waves pistols at waitresses, sticks his fingers up foreign noses and should be banned from any location with unattended light aircraft.

    Employers would be beating your door down!

    They were fun times though mate!
  11. I did NOT wave the pistol at her.
    It just fell out when I fell down those stairs, because my Unit was too stingy to give us holsters - I was also stone cold sober, I should probably add, for the benefit of those who weren't there.
    Fun times indeed though, mate. :)
  12. So you can expect a comment inyour Red Book - " manged to retain control at all times - works well in denims!"
  13. I'm assuming you asked this when you had your CO's leaving interview (if you actually had one) if so what was his reply?

    My only previous experience of this was a CO that insisted the last thing someone did on their last day of service was pop in to see him and get their testimonial in exchange for their ID card. That CO was one of the biggest cunts I've ever met, but at least he insisted on doing certain things properly........
  14. The classic was when you had got up again and walked past the family at the table and just said 'Don't mind me I'm from Liverpool' Belting quote!
  15. What SN, you a branded as a walt.


    Hope life is treating you well out there in the big bad real world