Dear DrStealth with your format-busting sig!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bugsy, Nov 27, 2006.

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  1. Dear DrStealth,

    Have you ever noticed how threads suddenly big themselves up sideways whenever you dump a post on them? It's because of your sig, which depicts some geezer (it might be you, for all I know) lining his silly Septic titfer with Bacofoil.

    The problem is that folks are going to very quickly get tired of having to go laboriously from left to right in order to read contributions from others on a thread - contributions which could very well lose a lot of their impact due to the above reason(s) (and to your eagerness to show how "clever" you are).

    You could quite easily knock off the last piccie in your series(?). I mean, it's not as if anybody's really gonna question whether this bloke actually puts the titfer on, is it?

  2. silly septic dressed in tin removed as not to aggravate other arrse users.

    you can PM folk in case you didnt know :wink:
  3. And I thought it was a picture of you DrS ;-)
  4. All hail to you, sir! I have the utmost respect for folks who react as you did (and so quickly). I say this without the slightest hint of satire or oblique humour!

    Again, my absolute respect!

  5. no, thats a pic of me in my avatar.

    and please continue to keep the satire and humour oblique, as i belive in trying to keep every day as surreal as possible.

    just another dali day! :wink:
  6. If it is can i have your autograph please Mr McDowell?
  7. It never messed up any posts that I read, using FF 2.0. Can't recall it happening in the old version either. Perhaps it was an IE issue?
  8. Didn't mess up any of the posts I read either with FF or IE.
  9. Is the problem not that bugsy is still using a 10inch monitor at 320 * 250 resolultion?! :)
  10. Not the problem at all! I measured my monitor with my plonker (diagonally, right?), and it's definitely not 10 inches - it's at least more than 16!

  11. That's centimeters your looking at Bugsy, its the other side of the ruler you want to use. :p ;)
  12. I must admit that I have had similar problems in the office and never really bothered to see what was causing it as we use shitty IE and everything is blocked, cant even bloody right click..... Arhhhh its like using a mac!!!
  13. I always found it funny, and i dont have a problem with the screen, it doesn't bother me the extra two mil of screen accross!
  14. size of monitor wont matter if it is on a resolution like 640x480 it will have stretched ur screen

    depending on ur monitor, graphics card and your computer knowledge you should be able to increase ur resolution, 1024x768 is generally the norm nowadays and most websites and pictures are made to suit that resolution

    i can tell u step by step how to change ur resolution if u dont know how to and want to but PM me because i dont allways read all threads
  15. [​IMG]
    What's with all the sideways scrolling shenannigans here then?