Dear Deirdre

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by IrishDoris, Jan 3, 2006.

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  1. Dear Deirdre,

    How does a lowly STAB like myself actually transfer over to the ARAB gang

    A friend of mine who i was mobilised with did it on his second tour and I was wondering how he did it. Do you have to start the paperwork before you go? Do you apply through the regular unit you are serving with? or your home unit?????

    Whilst I was mobilised , i asked to get an extension and was granted another 6 months. But i'd like to get an extension that lasts much longer.
  2. S Type engagement


    Or just stop trying to back door if your young enough and go back to basics!
  3. loathe though i am to admit it, I'm 28 and a Corporal. Been in about 10 years
  4. Go to the Army Careers Information Office.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    In the first instance, ask your PSAO.

  6. Mince about side some barracks and ask if you can you can play...
  7. Try an S Type with your parent regiment. Once in you are officially a reg and can opt to stay on. You have to be a complete mong if they reject you!
  8. For S type... what is the minimum amount of time u do? I was told 2 years, or can you choose how long?
  9. See your RAO, theres a DCI (probably a DIN now) that outlines the procedure.
  10. Are you sure?? if so that would be great. I'm in NI so that would work with me being TA. Dunno how i would get a job tho' being a corporal. I know one of my TA OC's who did an S-Type for us but of course he was an officer.

    To answer your question Cannon Fodder, the time you serve is normally 1 year and a max of 2

    Rejoining and Re-Enlistment
  11. S Type is definately the way to go

    friend of mine done a S type about 8 years ago and hes still there !
  12. And he wasn't an officer?

    If not that's brilliant. But on the army website they say i can do an S-type in NI as TA, but for a max of two years. How did he get around it?? I did have a wee chat with the army careers. The guy suggested joining full time and going back to basics. Sometimes i do consider doing that but i'm not keen at my age (28) going back to siggy. Also the pay as a corporal is a little better than a recruit.

    There are particular arms where when you pass your trade training you get lance-corporal which is true for techs in mine. But being just over the age limit for the RSigs (26 and 10 months) i'm not sure i can do that. It's funny cos i always fancied being a tech (the guru will love me now) but due to lack of operators in my unit ( i ended up taking the trade training ) they wanted me to stay an AS Op ( or Tele Op Sys as I used to be). Maybe they would take my 10 years in the TA and mobilisation into account. Apparently because i've been in that long i wouldn't have to do the basic training either (which is nice)

    What is a girl to do?
  13. Same here, could be the same bloke? Went to 1RGJ and stayed went a s Lance Jack but is now a Full Screw?

    He has never been actually off the S type but get pensionable service ( but will only get pension at 65) and to all intents and purposes
    he is regular. Not sure if he woudl have to pay his way out, dont think so but does have to give long notice if he does want to leave.
  14. Wonder if I was your mate who got the S Type after the second op tour? Its pretty rare...

    Anyway, I did. Basically as soon as I got back from a tour I put in the paperwork at RTMC Chilwell. I had already made contact with my chosen corps soldier manning officer and Glasgow. After I got approval from them I had to attend an ACIO and do all the attestation and medical stuff again but not the other tests that regular direct entrants do. I passed that and got an S Type Engagement which is a five year contract. I then got posted. After 5 years I can apply to extend that to 12 years.

    In answer to the point about long S Type engagements surely being for officers, I’m an SNCO. I had been TA for 11 years and done two Op tours.

    Some may call this a back door into the regular army… Some back door! If you want to go regular, just go direct and put up with basic training if you have to. Its not worth waiting 5 or 10 years to build up experience on the off chance of getting accepted for an S Type in order to avoid a couple of months basic training at an ATR. If you’re too old (over 29) then try for an S Type. It’s relatively rare (my ACIO had never handled one before). It probably helps if you can get some good recommendations from colonel or above level to support your case.

    The other options are FTRS which are 1 or 2 years and I believe there is a ‘Special S Type’ which is also just a year or two and then revert back to TA but I’m not sure on that. Note that FTRS and S Type are totally different contracts. FTRS is far more limited on postings and length of service, pension etc, whereas S Type is basically the same deal as Regular Engagement, just shorter...

    Hope this helps.
  15. Sounds like what i'm looking for. When you say he's still there, is he in the same location or has he been posted at all to anywhere different?