Dear Deirdre

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by IrishDoris, Jan 3, 2006.

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  1. Dear Deirdre,

    How does a lowly STAB like myself actually transfer over to the ARAB gang

    A friend of mine who i was mobilised with did it on his second tour and I was wondering how he did it. Do you have to start the paperwork before you go? Do you apply through the regular unit you are serving with? or your home unit?????

    Whilst I was mobilised , i asked to get an extension and was granted another 6 months. But i'd like to get an extension that lasts much longer.

    Please Help xox :?
  2. Best a probably quickest route is to ring your local Army Careers Information Office or, see if you can contact them online. They will give you the current uptodate info.

    Unless there has been an earth shattering change of policy, there is no "transfer" procedure. You have to initially enlist as a raw recruit, then your previous form is taken into account. Don't expect to escape "Basic Training" in an Army Training Regiment! You may even have to provide evidence that you have been "discharged" from the TA. It's a hard beaurocratic slog but the benefits are clear to see if that's what you have set your heart on. Good luck.
  3. cheers xox
  4. RTMC Chilwell does/did a nice "easy" route. Turn up and demob from Tour, Off to Lichfield (I Think) and join. Medical already done by RTMC Chilwell. Think there's a little more to it than that but that was how they sold it to us.