Dear Daddy in Heaven......Georgina Chapman

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RoyalJock, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. Watched Georgina read her poem to her daddy, killed in Iraq last year. Both times I watched this on the news I was reduced to tears. What a brave wee girl. Her daddy would be very proud. RIP.
  2. Watching the news earlier there must have been a dust storm come in as my vision got blurred and i had to rub some tears out

  3. yeh and the wife had obviously burnt the dinner, 'cos all the smoke made my eyes run
  4. Very,Very touching,think I need my eyes tested could not focus to well,
    A lot of lads and lasses have passed away, May they all rest in peace...we will remember. :(
  5. Out of touch, overseas and no idea of what this is about. But .....I guess the wee girl is remembering her dad......makes we weep just reading your posts.

    RIP for her Dad.
  6. I would like her to read it again, from the floor of the house of commons, she braver than the current occupants.

  7. Her letter deserves it's own little box:

    Attached Files:

  8. Very moving and I too developed short term blurriness of vision, same thing happened when Kathryn Nutbeem sang at the Falklands 25 ceremony in June.
  9. If you were to sepia rinse the photograph of Colin Wall's wee boy stood at the wall, you could transpose that image into any of history books about the wars this country fought in during the early to mid 20th century.

    Just goes to show that we've learned bugger all since then.

  10. True Biscuits and the calibre of the men who make up the statistics are also the same thoughout the years,Britain and the Commonwealths finest every one a hero god bless em

  11. Amen to that........

  12. Saw that pic this morning
    Lump in throat, blurry eyes and it just got worse when I read the letter
    Very moving stuff
  13. Jesus if that is not the saddest thing i have ever read i dont know what is.

    Well done young lady.
  14. you bunch of homos ;)