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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by brettarider, Sep 14, 2008.

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  1. Had the minstry of mayhem on the phone yesterday seems the Ex-wife has put a claim in even though we agreed to sort a private arrangement out clearly not being the case.

    I'm currently paying £540 a month to cover my share of the mortgage and child care costs at the minute but I'll be fucked if I'm prepared to shell out extra whilst I'm living on my own paying rent whilst she's living rent free with her new partner.

    I'm not objecting to pay for my daughter but I think around £200 should suffice and I'm not prepared to pay CSA on top of what I'm currently paying until the house has sold. So any advice how to deal with these clowns?
  2. Brett - I suggest you go to the CSA website and use the online calculator that assesses the amount of Child Support you should be paying, it takes into consideration all the deductions and expenses that you have on your salary.

    The additional amounts you pay for mortgage and any aliment to your wife, you will need a need a good lawyer to assist with, get one ASAP. The basic principal is that you are also entitled to a reasonable lifestyle in order that you can function and provide for your child and any obligations to your wife thereafter.

    Good luck
  3. Take your private arrangement to the courts and get them to pass it.This will need the exs approval, once the CSA get their hooks in they don't come out. If you can sort it between yourselves it will work out a lot cheaper.Good luck
  4. I arranged to pay a generous- and it was- amount when my wife left.

    She listened to mates and got "clever" , went to the CSA and bingo!

    They told me to pay 2/3rds of the private arrangement.

    The Agency can be pants, sorry ARE pants, most of the time but they made me smile that time.

    Oh and she , realising her mistake, asked if we could go back to the original figure. Ha Ha!
  5. Well they have asked for pay statements from my last employer as I'm self employed I was going through an umbrella company. Just changed jobs onto a sort term contract and wasn't going to be through the books as it's for a few weeks as the job is planned to go full time with the company I'm contracted to this will mean it's quite a drop in money so I'll be getting fcuked around from these clowns no end.
    I'm planning to tell them that I'm not working as taking some time off due to saving some money up and takiing a break plus leaving the job means that I'm not signing on any other ways of playing the system to my advantage?
  6. You need to understand the difference between spousal maintenance and child support.

    Spousal maintenance is in the province of the court, and depends on a raft of factors (google "matrimonial causes act", and find section 25).

    Child support is the province of the CSA and is based on a straight formula. The court has very little jurisdiction here, and bugger all in reality once CSA are engaged.

    Yes, the less you are earning then the less the CSA can assess you for, and therefore the less you pay.

    You should deffo get a solicitor to advise you as to the non CSA aspects.
  7. Got a lawyer dealing with it but he's just gone on holiday I'm right in thinking that my TA money and bounty etc cant be taken into acct as these arent regular wages same with any bonus scheme?
  8. Sorry mate but the CSA want to know all your income.
    It's done on an annual assessment and they contact you each anniversary.

    Remember you get discount for the nights children stay with you- weekends/holidays but there is a minimum requirement. ie 52 nights minimum but look at the web site. It is helpful
  9. no chance of that happening mate daughter lives 210 miles away
  10. Time to look at becoming a shareholder in your umbrella company and receiving dividend payments instead of wages.

    Fairly sure your TA money is safe too - doesn't technically qualify as earnings under CSA law.
  11. who's name is the house under?

    If its just yours you could charge her rent?

    And why do you have to pay the mortgage if shes got a new bloke should be his job.
  12. Ilike the idea of charging her/them rent. He probably thinks this is a cosy set up. Some mug pays the mortgage, instant family, and an extra income from aforementioned mug. cushty. What´s that lvoe, private arragnement? Nah, CSA will get us more cash. watch.

    Know of two instances that made me chuckle/throw fit of rage.

    First, a couple broke up, and he voluntarily paid for his half of the kid. Alas she was made redundant, had to sign on, and CSA got their hooks in. CSA payment for him, went up. CSA payment to child.... went down. Not sure how that happened.

    Second, similar to above. Couple seperates, he pays his share. She finds a bloke, and woah, suddenly CSA are involved. New bloke is a useless t0sser who has never worked a day in his life and thus has always been on the sponge. Old bloke 20 odd year WO. Any hoo, CSA investigate, turns out he is paying about 50 quid too much. So they sort that out for a start, and then offer him the chance of claiming it back from her.

    Turns out she was claiming he had never paid her a penny, but alas, his bank balances said otherwise. He had a standing order to her once a month, on every statement since the split... ooops for her.

    He didn´t take the money back, it was for his kids, as he saw it. But she wanted to go back to the previous arrangement too.

    I´d imagine many of these "private set ups" go pete tong when Mr New moves on scene and thinks he can get another income from another mans kids, or the old Mrs listens to the "witches coven" of some hags who think the CSA will fleace a guy that is better than she was worth in the first place.
  13. Even if the house is in joint names, as he no longer lives there he is entitled to charge her rent to the equivalent of his half of the monthly mortgage payments (ie: she pays the lot).

    get a good solicitor and they will be worth their weight in gold.

    not dealt with the csa as i hve private arrangement with my ex for our sons maintenence, but we did have a stage where my ex felt it would be better for him to go through csa, he ended up paying more and it was such a farce we went back to old set up.

    my advice would be to try and sort things out amicably wherever possible, but if you cant see a good lawyer and cover your arse and assets as best you can.
  14. The house is in joint names and is sitting empty since Nov last year she made out that she would move back in once I moved back to Scotland. However she never did and then told me she'd saved up enough money to rent elsewhere. Turns out from lawyers letters that she is living in this rented
    property with her boyfriend who is paying the rent. I currently pay £135 per week to cover my share of the mortgage and childcare costs before I even pay out my own rent and bills.

    We had planned to sort things out amicably but I'm sure that it's her new partner which is stirring things up still got a few things to fight back with namely her affair during work and tax avoidance when she ran her E-bay shop from home plus dobbed her in for working tax credits as well.
  15. The CSA cannot touch TA pay or your bounty, an the basic calculator is 15% of earnings after tax and NI payments and pension. Then they will deduce money from the 15% if you have joint custody and share time, the more time eg. 50% then the less you pay for her as you will need the money to suport her when she is with you.

    After that they will fleece you. Now if you have the records of the payments you have made and the calculator works it out that you actually will be paying less then the CSA will help you.

    Good luck!!!