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Hey all

Probs had this alot but i searched the forum amd found nothing.

i am in the process of joining thew army (infantry) and just recently filled in my medical form and took it to my GP. Now i was wondering will my Gp send it straight to the ACIO or do i have to take it. :? by speaking to them today they said if i want to take i have to pay a charge to the docters..??

Bit confused...any help...
Hey up fella,

Apparently the proper procedure is to hand it to your GP and he fills it in and then he sends it off (back to the afco/acio and they send it to the Selection medical wing)

As you're probably aware the lovley doctors get £60 for filling it in!!, and I can imagine some won't send it off until the've got the money from the claim form back.

If you've already handed into your GP, I would go back in a couple of weeks and make sure that he has sent it off, the most common type of delay is the GP's forgetting and it staying in their outbox on their desk!!.

Just go back in about 2 weeks and make sure it's being sent off, long as that is done, should be about 2-3 weeks before you hear if you're medically suitable.

Any other questions please ask


Thx pal, just wasnt sure on the proper procedure....also these docs annoy me alot....they rang me today saying pages were missing from the form, looks as though they have trouble reading numbers... 8O
Griffo, I know what ben said - and I'm not undermining you fella! but I was told to get the medical form filled out by the doc and take it in to your army office asap, that's what I did and I think you should too.

Doctors are a pain in the arse with doing anything quickly! wait a week and phone them again and keep bothering them about it, eventually they will do it for you, but take it in personally as it could get lost in the damn post and that would be a bitch if that happened!
Yeah i filled mine in myself and droped it into the office as soon as i could, saves it taking ages in the mail and by chasing it up it makes shure that your doctor gets it filled in quickly
I had a problem with my GP forms, wondered why they had'nt arrived yet, so i went to the GP's office and asked.....they did'nt send it cause they lost the envelope it was in?? Dont ask me how. So i had to get them a new one and bascially do it for them. Slackers!
I too picked them up from the docs, and hand delivered them to ACIO. Can't see why they should charge you for that though!
Yeah thanks for the help guys :)

Sorted it now, rang my GP today and turns out hes sending it by special delivery today, so ACIO should recieve it tomorrow :D ....maybe the docs are not so bad after all
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