Deal reached in the tanker drivers dispute

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by frenchperson, Jun 17, 2008.

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  1. An agreement has been reached in the tanker drivers' dispute:

    The next 4 day strike has been averted and the driving public / businesses can once again relax.

    Well done to the drivers who refused to cross picket lines. This sort of solidarity will have put pressure on Shell, causing their capitulation. Let's hope this kind of concerted action ushers in a new era of Union strength. It's nice to see people looking out for their mates and protecting each other, rather than running scared of bully boy tactics from overpaid suits.
  2. I sort of agreed with the tanker drivers at first but they have only got their 42k a year because the managers didn't want to give up their pay raise. This will be paid for by charging Shell more to move the fuel and Shell putting up the cost of fuel to cover the extra, so in the end we will all end up paying for the drivers raise.

    What really p1ssed me off was listening to one of the drivers on a phone in last Friday, he claimed to have served his country but would not expand any further on that issue, he went on to state that they were doing it for the lads out in Iraq and Afghanistan, quoting Lloyd George " land fit for heroes". Great so when the boys come home they will all be earning 42k driving Shell tankers then, yes like that's going to happen.

  3. What rubbish. Thats the sort of solidarity that brought the country to its knees in the "winter of discontent". I remember that because I thought I was in the army at the time but spent many happy hours standing in for people who were being paid a lot more than me but thought they deserved huge pay rises.

    Driving a petrol tanker is not rocket science. Try doing it in Iraq or Afghanistan - then you deserve 41K and more.
  4. You'll achieve nothing by attacking your fellow countrymen. These people and their relatives are the backbone of the country - yes, the people who defend us and fight our wars abroad.

    Don't do the bidding of the establishment and offer yourself up to be so easily divided.

    Remember that it's a strong and united workforce that offers the biggest threat to our capitalist masters. These obscene corporate entities are now beginning to exert out of proportion control over our political insitutions. So before you so readily attack vital members of society.... THINK.
  5. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Oh do shut up you dribbling fool.
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Unless you lived during the 'Winter of Discontent' or have heard the phrase 'The Poor Man of Europe', I suggest you do one!

    These 'backbone of the country' lorry drivers did NOTHING in solidarity with the rest of this country. They went on strike to line THEIR OWN POCKETS, without a thought for the people up and down the country who suddenly found themselves paying on average £1.20 per litre of fuel (when they could find some) simply because of this strike.

    If they had ANY sense of unity with the rest of this country, they would have done this to force the government to drop fuel taxes, NOT to increase their own wages!

    When the binment went on strike, they didn't think about the rest of the population living amongst large piles of shoit with rats in them during the strike - they thought only of themselves.

    When the dockers went on strike, they didn't think about what it would do to thousands of companies (not just the ship yards) that would suffer through not getting the imports in, or their exports out), they didn't think of anyone but themselves.

    When the coal miners went on strike, they didn't really care if the rest their FELLOW COUNTRYMEN would get cold that winter.

    When school teachers go on strike, do they think of the disruption in children's education - obviously not.

    When the Postal workers go on strike, do they think much of the millions of people and companies who rely on getting their mail through? No, just their working hours and pay.

    You can stick up that union shoit up your arrse you cretin - it's got NOTHING at all to do with supporting this country or their fellow man - it's all about what they can get for themselves - and invariably, the people they hit the hardest are not just the companies they work for, but their fellow countrymen who rely on those services!

    It always makes me angry when these people start spouting bowlarks about unity, sticking together and the like - when they are sticking it to THEIR FELLOW COUNTRYMEN!
  7. And as a continuation, the future unemployment of far more people to pay for the pay rise of the already well paid drivers. The problem with you non thinking socialists is that, without those overpaid suits, you wouldnt have jobs. Power to the people is so 70's froggy and the time of the "you cant catch me im part of the union" thinking is thankfully long over.

    Perhaps if you actually put your minds to it and started your own buisnesses, rather than dribbling around relying on smarter people than you, and the rest of society, to provide you and your brothers with an income, you would realise the bollox you speak

  8. Is that right, DS, no jobs at all?

    So when the welsh mines closed and a co-operative was set up in one mine they didn't employ the workforce and sell the coal extracted? Going back a hundred years, what was the role of the Little Mesters in Sheffield?

    Co-operatives have a long and illustrious history in Britain, as do the mutuals. Funny how, once the suits got involved so many firms de-mutualised.

    I don't agree with Frenchys politics but trying to give employers the 'saviour of the working man' treatment is, frankly, ridiculous. I cannot think of ANY legislation protecting working people from the vagaries of any of the three industries which employers have not faught tooth and nail against.

    Finally, I really think You should take this on board - without workers for the 'suits' to exploit, they wouldn't have a job either.
  9. I will give you this sven, you certainly can read into things that clearly are not there. Are Co-Ops not an extension of starting your own buisness??

    I will guarantee that Shell will do away with some posts to cover the costs of a pay rise. Did I say no jobs at all - dont think so. I will concur with Biped as well - union strikes are not for the benefit of their fellow workers, they are for the benefit of their own pockets and the timing of the strike was designed to hit everyone, including their fellow workers, hardest. Very socialist

    For an educated man Sven you sure have trouble reading
  10. "without those overpaid suits, you wouldnt have jobs"

    Yes, I would read that as no jobs.
  11. Agreed totally Biped.

    Sven and FP- you have no idea how dated your arguments sound. Remember Ron Todd in 1988? Toddanasaurus Rex!!
  12. 41k for driving a truck?!

    These truck drivers, they drive a hard bargain (snigger).

    This puts them firmly in the overpaid camp, together with Royal Mail mail sorters. I wonder when someone will do a Trucker's song (...41K for sitting on their arrse all day..etc etc etc)
  13. Yes. I wonder what will happen if all jobs, regardless of skill level required or value added, paid 40k per annum as a starting point.

    Hmmm... :?