Deal or Raw Deal for TA soldiers?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by RFUK, Sep 27, 2006.

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  1. My regiment is currently employing a number of TA soldiers in recruiting posts on a full time basis. I say full time in that they work 5 days a week, just as a regular soldier might in a similar post. However, unlike the regular army who are paid 7 days a week, these TA soldier are paid man training days for their work and subsequently come away with only 5 days pay. Also, as they're paid only man training days and not mobilised, they don't enjoy the same benefits that a regular soldier or a mobilised TA soldier would.

    Is this correct use of the system? And if not, should it continue or should such appointments be filled with soldiers on FTRS?
  2. My TA infantry unit in the North Yorkshire area does the same thing in that we have at least two chaps doing this full time(MTD's not FTRS), primarily promoting our regular unit so why should we have to provide recruiters for them? I've seen them rocking up in town centres all over our regimental recruiting area - a few will mill around town taking in 'brekky' and shopping in Dixons whilst someone mans the caravan, so surely volunteers at the regular Bn would be easy to find?!!

    It baffles me why but this goes back to the old issue of saving money - the MOD bean counters are not stupid and they know that they can call on their 'casual workers' for jobs just like this knowing that the soldier who volunteers has virtually no rights and can be dispensed with at any time without notice!!
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Seems like a good deal to me - everyone else gets paid five days pay for doing five days work...

  4. Fair point mate but our regular friends do still get their X Factor at full rates! Our TA bods that I mentioned are relatively new and are only on around £30 a day - they don't get X Factor!! I think the TA should at least get this benefit at the lower band to compensate for the disruption to family life(creates a lot of strife in the marital home), liability for Telic/Herrick etc.
  5. My tuppence worth...

    I think its fair to say that the TA and Regular army have different target markets. Those people that are in the right age range that are hanging around town centres on a Mon - Fri between 9 and 5 are probably most suited to the Regular Army.

    Those people that are best suited to the TA are more than likely working in between those hours and are therefore not likely to be caught by our recruiting teams except perhaps in their lunch breaks?!?

    I think it would be interesting to see how many recruits for the TA that TA soldiers employed in this manner bring in. It raises another general concern of mine and that is 'Full time TA soldiers'. I hate this concept and aren't quite sure why people are allowed to do it.

    From time to time I have a need to pop into the TAC to sort some admin etc (unpaid of course as i'm only in for 30 minutes tops) and the amount of work being done is *ahem* limited. So in addition to the PSAO, 2 x PSIs, SQMS, AO and 2 civilians there is also a requirement for anywhere between 1 and 5 TA soldiers to be in there what seems like all the time?!?!

    Anyway, I digress, my point being I'm not sure how useful this is for the TA as an individual entity. I do however, appreciate what an excellent tool it may be for the Regular Army as it provides cheap manpower (It costs 2xdays a week less than a regular soldier) whilst not detracting from their numbers in any way.
  6. I have to agree with msr, these people know what they get paid and do it on a voulantry basis. If these individuals are workin for the TA 'full time' then why not join the regular army? Then they would recieve x-factor and get paid 7 days a week. You cannot argue that regular service is not for them and then claim that they are doing the same job. Cutsy bear in mind these MTD's will also probably be counted towards their bounty (which their regular counterparts do not recieve) and this is the financial incentive to be in the TA and liable for mobilisation.
  7. Because they want to do that particular posting for a few months rather than joining the regular army for years and being sent all over the shop - bear in mind many of them will have done their fair share of tours.

    5 days pay does seem "fair enough" - except when you compare that a regular soldier doing the same job, on the same daily rate, gets paid 2 days more and has a shedload of benefits thrown his way.

    My main question was, is it correct use of the system to pay people 5 days man training days rather than employ them on FTRS? If so, why do FTRS positions exist at all?
  8. Don’t these TA recruiters have real jobs?
    Presumably not if they have time to work 5 days a week for the TA.

    I would guess they’re either hard up for cash right now and are grateful for the work thrown their way or they’re doing it out of love for their unit.

    If money is an issue then either sign up on the doal or get a proper job like the rest of us, the TA will never pay the bills unless you’re on FTRS or mobilise.
  9. :roll:

    If they do not want to put up with the 'inconvenience' of full time service they should not demand the benefits that come with serving as a regular. As I said prviously they voulnteer for this and are not forced into it.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    If they don't want the work, there's always the Job Centre.

    To be honest, are these the best guys to be out recruiting for your unit? How long have they been doing it for? How many recruits have they brought in?

    Seems like the PSAO is doing them a favour by helping them out with a bit of work and they should be grateful.

    FTRS positions have to be justified and I can't see that happening for a bit of 'black hand gang' work.

  11. They should be grateful to be offered the work. I f they dont want it they dont have to take it.
  12. You must be joking.

    The full bounty works out as less than a months wage in your average office job.
    It’s a nice little bonus but certainly not an incentive.
  13. Well its there, you know how much you get, nobody pressgangs you into the TA. If the thought of being mobilised is too mch for somebody they may want to review their involvement in the modern reserve forces (perhaps paintballing, airsoft or military re-enactments may be more suitable) :wink:
  14. I wasn’t commenting on mobilisation, once you sign on the dotted line you’ve already volunteered :wink:

    I just don’t think the bounty is anything more than a nice little bonus for working hard over the year and achieving the minimum standards.
    Anyone who joins or stays in the TA for the bounty should think about what they’re in it for.
  15. OK fair one I think I got the wrong end of the stick but still the better side of £1400 (as a tax free bonus) is not available in most part time jobs that you get payed for anyway. Better than a poke in the eye but as you say not a reason to do it if you dont like the job (there are easier ways to earn money, if you are willing to rent your hoop out).