Deal or no deal

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BossHogg, Mar 13, 2009.

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  1. Anyone watching this? The current player in the hot seat is an ex SIB bod.
  2. No I have a life albeit licking windows.
  3. I'd rather have my cat-flap skewered than watch that rubbish
  4. Long haired OC is watching it, she called me in from the garden where I was torturing small animals!
  5. Yeah, yeah, torturing small animals indeed. Do you not know that on Fridays, you have to torture small kids. Admit it, you were watching afternoon TV, weren't you ???
  6. I was torturing small animals by force feeding them live to small children.
  7. RMP to Traffic Womble.Abusing children and small mammals then confessing to watching Noel Tidybeard on afternoon telly.
    You are going to Hell!
  8. I love that show, although it's not often I get to see the massive failure I so crave. There's something satisfying about the way that they all think chanting together will help open the right boxes, but it doesn't. Nearly a good $250,000 loss today though.
  9. I suppose i'm beyond redemption then? :D 8)