Deal or no deal pair

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by crabnomore, Feb 6, 2007.

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  1. They'd both get it!! Smothered between all that wench flesh?? Heaven :excited:
  2. I like the fact that mums a low hanging saddle bags . oh the fun to be had thrown them over her shoulders
  3. Its nice to see there's still some entrepreneurial spirit out there and small business types can make a living in this giant conglomerate world..

    A nice Mum and Pup business venture that paid off well I imagine.. with this publicity they'll no doubt move all that warehoused merchandise that failed to sell the first time because...well.. she's a pot-bellied snack muncher whose t*ts grew so large because she ate too many McD's burgers and high carb snacks...and that appeals to a certain segment of the population [ bet MDN has shares in the venture...smells of one of his schemes ]...
  4. Where can you buy it from!!!!?
  5. Oh, and check out the stretch marks on the mum!

    Thats wanking material!
  6. Thats good obs skills!!
  7. It would be, if he existed.

    Just as always with the scum, "A government source", "A police sourse" etc.

    They don't exist!
  8. mate you donning you're tinfoil hat at time of typing?
  9. I just found Praet's website!!! :numberone:

  10. I'm not going to even ask how you found that!
  11. Come on guys, its not exactly tinfoil hat time is it.

    Do you really think that some bloke saw he ron Deal or No Deal, and then rang up the Sun?

    If he wanks over stuff like that, he probably couldn't get up due to being stuck to the sofa.