Deal or No Deal, Arrse style

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Death_Rowums, Jun 16, 2006.

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  1. We've all seen the show. A new person gets on the show every day.

    So, how about if there were to be an Arrser that applied to get on the show?
    There's a new person on everyday, so there must be a pretty good chance of my completely original, and in no way invisiged by someone else, idea working.

    Get yourself in an ARRSE T-Shirt, and show these stupid civvies how it's done.

    None of this 'I can feel it Noel', or 'Let's all chant blue, cos that affects what was put in the box before the show.'

    Just straight up, 'Noel, open the fooking box, you short bearded cnut.'

    So, any volunteers for the show? Any of you swines brave enough to dare to the duel with the boxes?
    I, in a completely non-corrupted gesture, nominate Dale for the task.

    P.s All that chanting to change the colour, Shroedinger would cream his pantaloons.
  2. .............. if yer 'ard enough!!!!,,27870-2114087,00.html

  3. ha ha ha still like my al-quada deal or no deal... when you open the box you get prezzies like a fire cracker all the way up to geothermal nuclear explosion :)
  4. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Guko or the Guru are a safe bet for 'entertaining' television!
  5. I dunno, I reckon Flashy could be quite good.

    Only mongs go on that show and we all know how good Flashy is at mongbaiting. That or let MDN tell Noel what he'd like to do to his chocolate starfish/beard/daughter/son
  6. ha ha ha ha ha
  7. I went for an audition for deal or no deal in Bristol, I had no idea what the show was about until I got there.

    We had about a 3 hour expanatory seminar about the show ( in essence and as we all know it's about pure guesswork).
    Did you know that if you were accepted onto the show, you were expected to give them a 6 week commitment to be there every day!

    I don't watch it but i believe that there was a bloke from Swansea who resigned from his job and then eventually won £1100.00. UNLUCKY!

    This show is on all over the world and they made a huge deal about showing the ONE show in France, where this bloke made a 50/50 decision and actually won the big prize. So I'd say the odds are somewhat against you.
  8. If he stayed in Swansea, he could have retired, bought a 5 bedroom trailer tent...and lived off the winnings for years.

    Watched the Froggy one a few weeks back (when in Froggy land obviously). Its better because they only use fit totty with short skirts as contestants instead of the toothless, bingo winged council estate munters Noel has on.

    Lady Flash watches the programme religiously so by default I do. It winds me up that all the people on the show are all bezzering each other and they try and make it a lot more dramatic than it is. As Issi said, its all about guess work. Holding hands and calling each other 'mate/babe/mucka/honey...I feel its a blue/red etc' aint going to change whats in the fucking box in front of Mrs Bingowings/Mr Fucktard.

    Crabby, thanks for your support. Unfortunatley, I've been given a 100 year ban on appearing on telly due to sticking my finger up Sheps arse on Blue Peter in 1973 and nicking a pair of Lesley Judds undercrackers. I still have them.

    Not only that, Noel may remember me from Middle Wallop IAS, '94. I was stood next to him in the toilet trailer thing having a wazz and told him 'fuck me, you are a short arsed twat aint you'. Plus I whazzed his stately home somewhere near Cornwall or Devon and Im sure I trashed a few of his ex wifes horses. Oops.
  9. There should be a complete Deal or No Deal made up of squaddies. There would be none of this holding hands shite. There would be a massive ruck and loads of bezzering. Anyone who shouted "Blue blue blue" would get immediate execution.

    Any monies won would be put behind the bar and spent on copious amounts of wifebeater and bitchpiss.
  10. Dale.

    Just to add to your point about a squaddie Deal or No Deal. Surely it would only really be complete if two brave sqauddies went two's up on Noel, "I'll teach you to look smug, you little beardy bastid!".

    Wow Dale, completely unprompted, I would just like to point out that you're only 25 posts from 4000.
  11. ........I fancy we have a stalker here!!!!!! 8O
  12. It's a compassionate relationship.
  13. Dare we speculate about what Rowums may be grooming Dale for?
  14. Crufts?
  15. Just a thought, who would be the banker? :lol: