Discussion in 'RAC' started by TheSnake, Sep 14, 2011.

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  1. What's that you said? Pardon? What? Eh?

    As an ex Tankie, I was wondering If anybody else had the same problem as me.
    After 'eleventyninetyone' years or so off the wagons (Scorpion/Scimitar/Chieftain/Chally), I've now only 30% hearing in my left ear.
    I've adapted to my missus getting fed up with me constantly saying 'what?' to her mumblings...
    We have an understanding now in that she stands roughly in my line of sight and signals that she needs to communicate.
    It used to drive me mad that people didn't appreciate that my hearing was reduced due to what I did.

    Am I the only one ?

    (Jeff Dastad, I don't know him)
  2. You are deaf inetly not the only one, 30% in one ear frcking hell is that all, you must have been off skiving when main armament was being fired, seriously though it effected a helluva lot of us, iirc i claimed and received around 2k in compensation for the employers negligence, in the same week a met police inspector got over 100k for less serious hearing loss, thats life,
  3. What?
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  4. If you have been in a live firing situation then your hearing will be damaged. If you have problems following conversations in noisy conditions ie the pub, and I don't just mean when it's your round, your hearing is damaged. Also, I hate telling guys this, because they are higher it is harder to hear women's voices, but there is a difference between listening and hearing. I would suggest that you go to your GP and get a referral to an ENT clinic to get your hearing checked and a hearing aid or something to help.
  5. Had my hearing checked recently. The vet said it was obvious noise related damage to my left ear and downgraded my hearing to H3. bad does it have to be to be claim ? I read somewhere that it has to exceed 20% loss ?
  6. HHH

    HHH LE

    Get yourself one of these !


    Or if your eyesight is going too, one of these,

    thumbnail 2.jpg
  7. I came out in '66.(6 years 11H) Noticed hearing was really bad about 5 years ago.Went to audiology department in local hospital,profoundly deaf in both ears.Explained my army background and jobs since coming out.Tried for pension from army,after an independent audiology test,got zilch.I was told damamge might have been caused by jobs after demob.Trouble with this complaint,it often does not show itself until years later.Good luck.PS I was told that readings showed damage was done over 40 years ago.
  8. Fairy, I've gone down the hearing aid route, and It overwhelms me. I have to take it out after 30-40 minutes or so.
    I failed BTP process because of this btw.
    I'm just trying to reach out and see how many other folk 'firing live' has affected.....
  9. Seemingly it's the live IC that causes tonal deafness, and perhaps Ch1 gene(?), but we were told not to stay on live IC weren't we....ho, ho.
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  10. God bless live IC. How the flaming nora are you supposed to speak to your mong driver?
    Not 'wrong diver' for those hard of hearing.
  11. Okay, cannot say hearing due to military as only TAVR, but past experience as a diver etc.

    Hearing is something that does not manifest itself for a few years.
    ie Grinding without eye protection will manifest itself as a "traumatic" injury, yep I have something in my eye that can be seen.

    Hearing is something that can take years to develop as a problem.
    Tinnitus is also a problem, does the OP have this as well, as this, (so I have been told) is PERMENANT damage to the hairs inside the ear.
    ie uncurrable.

    I am a bit **** about this as I suffer from high frequency hearing loss and tinnitus, but am unable to put this down to a specific point. that is cannot sue someone.

    I would recommend to people to get an audiology test, even at their own expense, as this could lead to a point that my hearing was this standard at year 1 and at year 10 it is this.

    I probably have not put this right as I have had a beer or 2, but I hope you can get what I mean.

    Also regards "deafness", and this is for the younger guys and girls, it is not a case of just "turn up the volume". (Although that does help.)

    You are in the pub with your best mates having a laugh, jokes and punchlines are flowing freely.
    Suddenly the bar staff turn up the volume just one more click and suddenly it is if people are moving their mouths, but no sound is coming out.
    No it has not gone silent, but you cannot filter out the speach from the background noise.
    Unless they are looking your way and you can "hear/lipread", you have lost it.

    Sounds melodromatic, but it can get very lonely, very quickly.

    Yeah life is a bastard.

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  12. do you know if this gets worse? if there's any ambient noise i cant make out what people are saying, its like they keep cutting out.
  13. I think mine stands at 40% of high pitched and about 20-25% overall, this is the same as when I left, BUT the MOD only count anything OVER 50db. Cos they're twats.

    I do also get bad tinnitus.

    What test did you do for BTP? I had one with Cheshire a few months ago and scored 110. She said 86 was going deaf, 120 was fail the old bill and 136 was a Health & safety issue. I did the test where you hear the noise and it gets quieter, then you release the button when you can't hear it anymore. My 6 & 8Ghz is shot to pieces, but they only count from 4Ghz down.
  14. Not RAC but have been deaf\HOH for the last 20 years and have been wearing 2 hearing aids for that time (have next to no hearing in Left ear and about 30% in right). Despite the jokes it is not that funny, I struggle on the phone, airports, stations and where they use tannoys it is a nightmare. Large groups can be very tiring as hearing aids even modern digital ones magnify all sound and you spend a lot of time concentrating which is mentally very tiring. Lipreading is a lot of guesswork as if you haven't caught the context of the conversation or sentence than it is easy to get lost very quickly.

    People who have beards or moustaches are difficult to lipread, as are people who don't pronounce their words such as Claire Short. Backlit people are another problem as you cannot see someone's face you can't pick up emotions and facial expressions that can be conveyed when speaking.

    Being Deaf\HOH is hard work it is an unseen disability and if people can't see that you are deaf then it makes it even more difficult, the fact that you don't wear a badge or carry a stick or are in a wheelchair or on crutches means that you will always find it difficult but it is how you overcome it.

    However it does have an upside, I can't hear the wife snoring, I can sleep with the window open at night and can't hear the traffic etc. If I want quiet to concentrate on a task, take out the hearing aids and have immediate peace.

    A couple of pieces of advice are, wear hearing aids they do help, and go on Lipreading and BSL sign language courses they are normally free or heavily subsidised for those with hearing problems.
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  15. I seemed to have gotten away with it, even with all those years around tanks i seem to pass my hearing test every year. Or are they lying so that they wont have to pay out? I missing some frequency ranges but not enough to worry about they say................