deaf people

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Jokes' started by flieslikeabeagle, Jan 1, 2012.

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  1. How do deaf people wish each other a Happy New Year?

    By using Auld Lang Syne Language

    I laughed!
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  2. Say again!!
  3. The single most surreal experience of my Policce career occurred when I had to attend a domestic dispute between a deaf couple. When I got there I could see them arguing full on, all the gestures and posturing but no noise. They had a dog which was going bonkers. Eventually they let me in and they continued to argue writing down what the problem they had was on a pad with me writing in between. Anyway turns out they were a nice couple and I solved the problem!
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  4. Bernster, Your a true champion of core policing, i hope you did a 392 and a full update to the comms room, have you done your NCALT this month?
  5. Why thank you ex Rockape, a true champion of core policing, did I mention it was a long time ago ? Did not play the core policing game for the last 15 years of my career. All this occured in the days of pen and paper, crime books & occurrence book I am aware of NCALT and other stuff but happy to leave it all behind. 392 must be a MET thing, county mountie me.
  6. Bernster. Nowt wrong with the county mountie thing mate, you were obviously specialised in your last term and didnt do 392's. They are a fkn pain in the neck to do. In a nutshell it's a form for anything Domestic related. Yeah, we used to have the frnt ofce Occurrence book, bloody good too, thesedays it's all done as part of Area Tasking which is monitored by the gaffers. You wouldn't believe it these days. I aint MET but am in large Force. PM me if you want to know more.
  7. Ah one of those, yes I think I know now, I stupidly went to a domestic when I was on the ARV's. It was a bog standard job but the form lived with me for months sent back for just about everything. I'v only been out since March 2011 but 15 years on firearms de-skilled me from the basic day to day stuff.
  8. Q: Why does a fart stink?

    A: For the benefit of the deaf.
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