deaf as a post

I think everyone has been made to act a clown in front of others.

This bloke is probably scrounging benefit and saw an oppotunity to sue in the wake of the Deepcut investigation.

I might sue as my Block NCO made me run around Bovington camp dressed in only messtin order shouting 'I am an incompetent ball bag and I will never forget the early stages of nerve agent poisoning in a crew test again'

Worked, I still know them now. :D

If this moron gets a pay out, I think the MOD are in for a pay out of millions for all those that will jump on the Bandwagon.
Or as I was once told

"if your looking for sympathy its in the dictionary, between shit and syphilis"..... :lol:

Try as I might to understand these people, I do find it hard to feel sorry for them.
I'll wager they were the ones always on showparade, always last on the runs, always getting balled out for being poorly turned out, idle or generally unsuitable.

Sometimes if a guy is too thick to notice he is unsuitable then the rest of the blokes get together and push him in that direction

Seems unfair cruel and barbaric, but would you liek to go on Ops with a backslider that can't get his act together?

No sympathy, hope the judge puts on a DPM cap and has them marched away for extra PT and triple Drill :D
I think the MOD has been foreseeing these types of claims for quite a while now. When I joined the OTC there was no test of your hearing done at all. When I was in my last year they started to test all the new recruits' hearing and ordered all of us who didn't have a hearing test result on file to report to the medics to have one done.

Also remembered being told on many, many occasions by DS that if we weren't wearing our ear defenders then it was our fault if we went deaf...

Judge: "And the army told you to wear both at the same time?"

Tw*t: Yes my lud' but i didn't..."

Judge: "Fcuk off. Next..."
I would doubt he could do this much damage in one live firing exercise, notunless they had him manning a wombat or combat, or maybe an old carly G.
well the poor sods deaf in one ear. So they kicked him out I thought you could claim a pension if this happened to you?


shame really , as i personally know of many capable people who do have the character and motivation to be a good soldier but because they suffer from deafness, short sightness any other minor disablitiesso is unable to join and would love to have been given an opportunity to serve in some way and some timewaster is throwing it away.

to right if the Sgt said " if you dont wear ear defenders then its your own fault" , if they hadnt been told to do so then obviously i would say 50/50 fault in that situation as common sense would say put it on and the army have a duty of care to the soldiers if both neglect it then hey a court case will loom up.
Agree in principle with the deafness one as long as it could be proved that he was not given (the word being "given" and not "didn't use") the correct protective equipment. Have to agree with the Welsh Cross Dressing Sheepophile though, would have been V difficult to have induced total deafness on one live firing exercise.

As for the "bullied" one

A former soldier is suing the Army for damages because he claims bullying NCOs left him mentally disturbed and unable to work again.

Andrew Neilson, 35, says he was ordered to crawl around while barking like a dog and made to imitate a character in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.
fcuk him. If he thinks that this is bullying then he is weak = sh1t soldier.

Being bed ended, locked in a locker all night and then lagged on for no better reason than the Section Commanders mate in Basic was p1ssed and needed somewhere to kip, now that was good old fashioned bullying.

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