Deadpool 2018

Badger_heed -

Too late I am afraid, that horse has left the gate.

Never met him but likes his PM's and posts.
I believe that “snowflake” itself could be considered wanky millennial fvckstick terminology.

Anyway, I’d like Kanye West in the deadpool, please.
If he keeps on spouting the nonsense he is at the moment, I think his similarly coloured brethren will facilitate your wish.
We are into the 5th month of 2018 & nobody has nominated Jeremy Corbyn into the Deadpool.
What the hell is going on?

I only found out today that Bella Emberg died back in January.
To think of all those w4nks I've had since then were actually dedicated to a corpse. Sad times indeed, if I'd known sooner I'd have enjoyed them more.

For the under 40's, she's the one in the Wonder Woman costume, the guy dressed as Superman is Russ Abbot, rumoured to have been a comedian.
Has anyone thought of adding Harry & Meghan, along with numerous bystanders to the Deadpool for being deliberately provocative by having their wedding during Ramadan?

Hopefully that's not too distasteful to speculate on.
No, it's pining for the fjords.
Or something.

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