Deadpool 2016

Bollocks, ACAB went for August last year and now we are in September.

I'm going for, in no particular order apart from number 3:

1. Prince Phillip
2. Jeremy Corbyn
3. A refugee under the age of 5 for front page newspaper pictures
4. Al Zuwahari
5. The Queen (outsider but could be good for a trifecta if anyone has a third)
6. My Mum
7. A random soldier / copper / bus ticket collector in London
8. Quickly followed by them that done number 7 when / if dibble show up AND shoot straight
9. @DaManBugs from seizure induced by bullshit tagging
10. Nominate your own ARRSE'r for suicide / alcohol poisoning / brass overdose / ND

Weapons free
I believe it is tradition to nominate Dale the Snail early on in these pages, but I'll leave that one to someone else. I am nominating, in no particular order:

A senior Royal. (Betty or Phil. Maybe Chas in a fit of rage when Betty hands the crown straight to Wills.)
A former member of Monty Python, probably, and sadly, John Cleese.
Bruce Forsythe, unless he pops his clogs this year.

Don't think I can get much vaguer than that for now.
The United Kingdom when it finally turns into the socialist workers utopia.


Is it Brucies year yet????

Being saying him for years.......:giggle:


my mate Barry (seen him for the first time in about 3 months and he has aged about 10 yrs in that time, he's 68 don't reckon he'll see 69)
Cliff Richard
Paul O'grady's heart will finally explode (that's for the Liverpool grieffest 2016)
Kay Burley (she will smug herself to death on air)


Burt Reynolds.
Liam Neeson.
Paul McCartney, following a vitriolic exchange with one of his roadies who was heard to respond - "**** it, you plug your own guitar there if you insist"


Book Reviewer
Sean Connery.
Honor Blackman.
Kiwidoug in a fit of apoplectic rage.
Phil's the obvious one, but I don't think Kissinger will see 2017, and I reckon Jimmy Carter and Nancy Reagan will pop off in sympathy with him. That'll make for a nice party in the States...
Burt Reynolds.
Liam Neeson.


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