Deadly serious about security exposures.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chocolate_frog, Jun 17, 2005.

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  1. Ok, I may be really overthinking this one but...

    What happens if one day a young tom/copper blows one of these clowns away!!!

    Some konb from the tabloids breaks in to an area where they shouldn't be and bang they get shot. What would happen, apart from the tabloids going ape!!!

    Obviously I couldn't care less for the sort of trouble stirring pillock who gets the good news but what about the affects on the young tom/copper? They'd be in serious s**t if the current climate of bringing toms to court by the CPS. Ie, the RTR lad.

    Is there any control by anybody over when and where these "investigative reports" are carried out? Or is it purely controlled by the ambition of the "penetrator" and his editor?

    Any thoughts?
  2. My 2p worth:

    1) Journo shot inside the rules of engagement = their tough s hit.
    2) Journo shot outside the rules of engagement = soldier is answerable but all circumstances should be taken into account. Also there should be some kind of serious redress to whichever sensation-hungry mong of an editor approved the 'security test' to begin with.

    Sometimes its a tough call, but at the end of the day its a call soldiers/cops are paid to make. I do actually believe the public would back a squaddie who makes a bad call in the heat of the moment, any ambiguity then they should get the benefit of the doubt.
  3. i'd hope that any toms would only "blow them away" for good reason, i.e. the jorno was accually placing the "bomb" or had a weapon and was using it in a way as to threaten someones life with it.

    as far as i know these 2 situations warrant this action. but i don't think any jorno waould be stupid enough to acutually place a bomb and leave it. they will all say "i made a bomb in my car" but to actually place it is inviting a good shoeing. and gets a decent sentence at HM's pleasure.
  4. Take it amber? you are a journo?

    Admittedly the cause for using lethal force will be, hopefully, avoided by journos, but that journo who got into the commons smuggled what looked like bomb matierials into the place.

    When will a journo try to get a picture of himself outside Harrys room at sandhurst brandishing an AK?

    Yes, it is a far out suggestion, but what controls or restraints do journos have for this sort of thing?
  5. We should use Tabloid Journalist as figure 11 targets.

  6. Targets will bleat when hit
  7. On a completely different angle, what if a tom or copper doesn't take action when they should, on the grounds that it could be a journo, and gets the good news instead?

    Will the papers be printing "young lad dead because we are prats" or "Bravo hero gunned down by terrorist"?

    Surely there must be better ways of filling the paper on a bad news day!!! Or what about losing a page, and doing your bit for the environment?

    Sorry to bang on about this but it's something I feel quite strongly about. After all it could be me sorting it out one night!!!
  8. That's a typo by the way it is supposed to say "Brave" not "Bravo"!!! Must have know you were about to post BB!!!
  9. Sun journalists should be shot on sight, no questions asked.
  10. They don't appear to have the same fascination for invading the Septic establishments.
  11. And this didn't go into the existing thread why?
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