Deadline for Gaza pullout expires

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Aug 17, 2005.

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    Wonder where Orla is?
  2. They could always move to the bigger West Bank settelements - Oh wait that is the plan!
    Annexation of East Jerusalem anyone? :wink:
    Orla G is still there, saw here about 2 days ago reporting from Neve Dekalim, sounding as glum as ever!
  3. This could get pretty messy.

    I should think most Arabs are rubbing their hands at the Jew vs Jew conflict that is about to start.
  4. I agree with you Baghdad Brit - this has the potential to become exceptionally messy especially if they start breaking into the synagogues to get them out...
  5. They think that only half have left (that leaves around 4000 still around).
  6. Doubt it, apart from a few zealots I think most settlers will leave only with the minimal of force being used. The Gaza settlements were becoming too hard to protect, considering their size and disbursement. The real concentration of settlers is in the West Bank. Even though the removal of settlers from historic Israel is hard for many Israelis to stomach it is seen in the light of wider considerations: peace with the Palestinians, the demographic time bomb and of course the settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, key prizes which the Israeli government wants to keep.
    Sharon hasn't even mentioned giving up the West Bank settlements also many of the settlers were happy to leave and received quite sizable sums in compensation.

    Edited: Sorry Baghdad Brit, I though you were referring to clashes in wider Israeli society.Settlers are a wholde different kettle of fish. If reports are true and members from Kahane gruops and other hardliner groups from the West Bank have slipped into Gaza to join the Gaza settlers, then there is no telling to what could happen imo.
  7. Nothing should ever be given back to the palestinians all they are is a bunch of murderers, there is only one thing exported from palestine and thats islamic terror and death.