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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Dr_Evil, Jul 1, 2004.

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  1. Our PSAO is playing a numbers game, forcing me to carry three serial non-attenders in my band of merrie men.

    This has a couple of negative consequences:

    (a) it makes my lot seem less needy than we really are when the recruits are allocated after they spawn;

    (b) it makes it harder to achieve good attendance, as there is a perception among the 70-80% attenders that bunking off now and then won't be noticed.

    One of the serial non-attenders has not paraded for at least two years. PSAO says that he will not be discharged until he comes in to the TA centre and fills out some forms. Trouble is, said minion is working in Iraq and Jordan, so popping in is a slight inconvenience.

    So, what I would like to know is this:

    (1) What are the steps that are REALLY necessary in order to discharge someone from the TA?

    (2) Are there forms involved and does signing them really entail a visit to the TAC?

    (3) Where can I get the forms from?

    (4) Can issue kit be written off (or paid for by the bloke)?

    (5) What happens if you use a "LASER" on a PSAO?


    Dr E
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Dr E,

    Holding a large number of non effective soldiers should have been picked up on your annual docs check and this tends to have the greatest effect in moving along the discharge of those on the 5hit list.

    The process is not all that complicated, but the TA seems curiously reluctant to refer cases to the small claims court...

  3. Thanks for that. Of the three, only my Middle Eastern evil henchman would be picked up this year on a docs inspection (which I am told is happening right now).

    Last year, the old docs must have been waved through on the basis that we were all off mucking around in the sand and no one knew what was going on (docs-wise, that is: so far as everything else is concerned, there was a Big Plan and everything was going swimmingly according to it :wink: ).

    Is the right form to use Form AF B 132 A Application for Premature Voluntary Release of a Soldier? If so, I can get it from Armynet and the first step in my Evil Plan will be achieved!

    Muahahahahahahahahahahahaha! :twisted:
  4. Hollow square when they come in, and flog the b*stards!
  5. As far as the kit goes, the usual form is to write to the individual first instructing him to return everything he's been issued with and warning that he could be billed if he doesn't (or that the RMP will be informed - it could be seen as theft). However, I suspect it's usually just written off.
  6. Sorry gents, thought this thread was about Flash's todger. Carry on.
  7. msr

    msr LE


    The Q is very loath to write kit off....

  8. Depends in my experience .... When soldiers leave our mob the webbing/doss bag/bergen etc etc is all collected up and checked, but everything else they're not bothered about. I've known soldiers who've brought all their uniforms, boots etc in be told to take them away from the stores and do what they liked with them.

    When we moved training centres a while back we had to dispose of an awful lot of old kit we found the back of the coy storeroom from soldiers who'd left, been told to take stuff away but who dumped it instead. If you liked 58 pattern webbing and obsolete combats you'd have had a field day.

    And good luck getting a list of what they're supposed to return if your stores are like ours - I've never known what the QM thinks I have to match what I do have. They never press the issue as they know the paperwork's bonk and don't want to draw attention to the fact. .
  9. Is this a new thing, my unit recently had to discharge a fair few - probably because of this. Now the OC's/CO's under pressure to recruit more (hence we're accepting rejects from other units).
    Maybe they should do what some other units have done and let people stay on well past their sell by date.
  10. This is a very old problem - in the early 80's I left a list of ten non attenders for dismissal with Coy HQ when I moved to Bn HQ for two years. Two years later I commanded my old specialist platoon again and found that the ten were still on strength.

    The OC and PSAO were playing the numbers game, - we must be a good unit 'cos we are overstrength. The very depressing fact was that they were carrying some 25% dead wood. It made them look good, it satisfied the powers that be but it was grossly dishonest.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Perhaps these non-attenders should be mobilised - they either don't turn up and are in serious trouble, or they show up at Chilwell only to have their kit taken off them and their discharge processed.

  12. Is the total number of available MTD's still a based on the number of soldiers on the books?

    If it is, then its in most of our interests that the dead wood is kept on, otherwise we wouldn't be attending as much (we're using the MTD's allocated to the non attenders)
  13. Hmmm. Good idea but not quite an Evil Plan.

    To be fair on one of the three, he did his bit on OP TELIC (the original and still the best). The second joined since we got back and the third is Mr Middle East (called up the last time but got off it). Actually, the more I think about the last guy the angrier I get. :evil:
  14. I understand that this is no longer the case - some bean counter must have seen through that cunning ruse. So it basically is just the PSAO helping the OC to willy-wave.
  15. If the Dead Wood is only being kept on the books so that in a major (i.e. real) emergency they could be called out, then why not transfer them to the Unposted List B. (See

    Once somebody missed training for a set period then they could automatically be transferred to it. The army doesn't pay people on List B, there is no training for them, so it should cost nothing. They would stay on the Unposted List till their TA engagement is up, or they bothered to quit properly, or until they started attending training again. The army could still mobilise them if it needed too.