Dead Wood & Oxygen Thiefs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Badger1972, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. This may open a can of worms, but the question keeps cropping up every morning and every PT session.
    Why oh why does the BRITISH ARMY, of which I have proudly served for what seems like an eternity. Still now more than ever pay and keep the dross and leeches, who though they draw a daily wage haven't earnt a single bloody penny for years, other than waking up in the morning, throwing on a uniform they don't care about (after checking their so called sick chit allows) and waltzing into work / Medical centre to sit around idlely whilst able bodied and motivated soldiers have to carry the additional burden and workload of these fugging parasites!!!! :evil:

    Yes, we are heavily comitted round the world trying to keep the world in some state of order, a job we do very well, but these so called soldiers are more of a hinderance than a help. These so called leaders of the country in what ever form they take are only too happy to have nice high recruiting / overall figures to which they are so focused on gaining, instead of looking at the standards of the personnel they are retaining within the Army.

    Good men and women are leaving the Army because they are sick of seeing the dross get away with taking Oxygen and flaunting the system to their own ends.

    Apoligies to those out there who have Genuine injuries and who are currently working their way back to fitness to rejoin the movtiated and able, keep up the hard work and good luck :D

    But to the rest of you, and you know who you are, Fu*k Off ya Cnuts
  2. Awwww I think somebody needs a hug...
  3. It took you nine months to come up with that twoddle?!

    1 more bloke, 1 less duty!
  4. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Had to queue to see the doc did ya?
  5. Cheers for that OzDuke, 1 bloke, 1 less duty, Yeah I agree, well thought out, however most of em here have sick chits that cover that situation so 1 bloke = Extra duty for able bodied soldier.

    Flowers, yeah a hug would be good. :wink:
  6. Got a chit for that?
  7. Dead wood and oxygen thief's what? Oh, I see, oxygen thieves... Now I'm with you.
    We're short handed as it is. Get rid of the depot chindits and there'd be even more taskings for outstandingly fit and able, tolerant and caring soldiers such as yourself. The next time the fat, downgraded, pay bloke in the RAO offers to guide you through JPA, you just tell him to do one. That'll teach the useless knacker.
  8. Personally I think you should get of your fcking high horse. If it wasnt for these guys and girls with the sick chits nothing would ever get done at my place as all the fitties are always away playing sport.
    I also think you are jealous because you havnt got a chit, watching you guys doing battle PT from my nice warm room has always been one of my most favourite pastimes.
    Oh and yes, you are badly in need of a hug.
  9. and it's cnuts like you that give God's Corps a bad name. Cunt.

    I agree with badger. It's about time these cunts were culled and/or gotton into shape.
  10. A lot of these "fat useless sickos" are that way because they're sick and got sick doing btheir jobs. I know what we'll do instead of having MOs to give sick chits we'll just kick them out then we can say how caring we are not like those civvy cnuts who don't care about squaddies. The other point is a lot of these things are age related and fear not pal, you'll get older and want a cushy blanket stacking job to take you to your 22 year point. I think we should now form a martyrs battalion because there is definitely no shortage of them in the army.
  11. Please youll hurt my feelings, somebodys got to stay in the block and use up all the hot water while you meat heads are running around in the rain.
    Another biscuit any-one?
  12. craftsmanx: I'm old enough to be near to my pension and us old fu&*ers still outrun most of you young pups!!!

    recmec: I take it your one of the people I'm on about???
  13. problem is the army broke some of them and it would cost a packet to bin them so they are employed in messes,and the like. And lets someone get back to the job they joined for.
  14. Ah! Nice adour of rancour around here. Splendid. Good stir RecMec. Now, lets have a look at this..... heres Cpl Lardbucket, a stranger to the salad bar and given to hives at the thought of raising his pulse beyond strolling pace. A disgrace. Yes, but the only disgrace in the unit who can keep "battlewinning equipment" in the field. Your call. Cry "soldier first and tradesman second" and sack Lardbucket or keep the unit rolling? Conversely, heres Sgt Starjump. Ace soccer player, PTI, member of every patrol team you've put out in the past ten years. As thick as an end on 4 by 2 and with the employment skills outside the iimmediacy of PT of a house brick. Which is the asset? Think, oh irate ones. Both are assets, you just use them differently. You live in the real world, not some comic book ideal.
  15. Hmm... habitual sick call going for minor complaints is called malingering in the US Army and is a chapterable issue (chapters are general or less than honorable discharges for a variety of reasons from being insane to receiving an inheritance over 750k... general ones can be turned into honorable over time depending on the circumstances.) Can these slugs be booted out of the British Army if they make a habit of abusing sickness?