Dead Track

Discussion in 'REME' started by Wee_Jock_Poopong, Mar 23, 2010.

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  1. A quick question.

    Do we still use dead track on any of our current AFVs? And if not, what was the last to use it.
  2. I think all our AFVs at the moment (including 432s) have live track.
  3. I'm not sure what "class" of track is on the EOD Wheelbarrow though ;)
  4. I would guess CRARRV was/is the last with dead track.
  5. Don't CrARRVs have the same track as CR2 nowadays?

    If it was dead track, then you're probably right.
  6. They should have however I remember SEME saying 'Dont worry you will never see a MK1 432' and then I went to Minden......Feck !!
  7. This is what I thought too.
  8. One of the Harman Lines CRARRVs is still running the old style dead track, I think they demanded all the left-over track pads and track stock to avoid fitting the CR2 stuff...
  9. good there was'nt it :)
  10. I remember getting to Detmold from my Class 1 course (circa 1979) to discover we were supporting 3 Bn's of the buggers, those were the days.

  11. Those were the days ???? What, wagon pops and farts to a halt, cfn craporder then gets a head sauna for 20 mins via the kidney hatch, meanwhile the rest of your body is ferkin freezing on the outside ?? :?
  12. Changing rear generators in Elizabeth Barracks! I lost count of how many 9/16th AF spanners I dropped into the pack space. :( :x :frustrated:
  13. RL's, knockers and Diamond T's when you went through aswell wasnt it you old f* least they started to get that new Shiney Chieftain in for you to work on :twisted:

    By the way 24A hope you and yours have a nice Easter and Ill have a special coffee with one.
  14. Cheers fella, I actually did my HGV 2 in a knocker in 88 8O . Have a good un yourself :lol: .
  15. Live - it has a self-wrapping, self compensating action.

    If it was cut, the ends would curl up due to it's elasticity, giving the self wrapping effect around it's final drive.