Dead Simple Naan Breads

Easy naan breads, much better than any poxy microwave job from Asda:

Schlep 250 grams of Natural Yoghurt into a bowl, with 150 grams of flour. Add any spices you like, I use cumin, poppy seeds, ground coriander, paprika and a bit of chilli powder, and mix it all together with a wooden spoon into a dough. You may need to add extra flour, my quantities are very much what looks right might be right! Once it's in a dough, whack it onto a board with plenty more flour and squash it out nice and thin. You may need to divide the dough up into a number of breads, you're looking for a thickness of only a few millimetres. Make each bread aproaximately twice the size intended, then fold them in half, knead a bit more to seal them, then fry in a very hot pan with no fat or oil. They'll only take a couple of minutes on each side, then serve up!

IF you're not having a curry, they're also great for barbeque's etc, with a sweet tomato and lime salsa.

Plain flour will do it fine mate.
Garam flour would be better for this, could I also recommend using garlic and fresh coriander in this recipe for naans.


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Didnt get a bad result when I tried it the other night. Reckon I should have rolled it out a bit thinner though as parts of mine werent "done"
The pizza base idea struck me too, I think I may try that next time! I've done naan bread pizzas with those pascket jobs from Asda, they're pretty good, may be onto a winner there Ringdoby.


I tried this on Sunday, now I am pretty good with chappatis, pooris, and rotis but I just couldn't get your to rise as in a naan. Still good though.
Will try with yeast next time. And perhaps cover the pan.

Do you get yours to rise much?

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