Dead Set

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Cr33p, Oct 27, 2008.

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  1. Just Finished watching the first episode of Deadset on E4. Not bad For a TV horror Series and quite a Bit of Gore. Bu t always had a soft spot for Zombie films. Did anyone else see it? what did you think?
  2. didnt see it but will be - only for davina in the first episode tho lol
  3. yea from the first episode it seems pretty good, not as tacky as what i thought it was going to be.

    lets see what tonight episode has to offer ay!
  4. Loved the bit where Davina gets her throat bitten out.
  5. Quite impressed with last nights episode, much better than what I thought it would be, waiting till 11 to watch it on E4+1, I hope it continues being as good as the first episode.
  6. Thought the 2nd episode was good, Needs more gore though as it seems like its now settling into day of the dead Mall seige, but using the BB house instead of the Mall
  7. lol you still would wouldnt ya.....
  8. All five episodes are being shown in one go on Saturday.
  9. Thought it has been pretty good so far really, all things considered. Certainly not the complete pile of pish I thought it was going to be.
  10. i think tomorrow the ending might be abit crap, i thought they were going to have a hour special like they did at the start but so sky says its only half an hour.

    things are looking predictable right now.
    but all in all its been the best thing to watch on tv this week.
  11. agreed, looks like they will mostly die a horrible and predictable death.
    But as with all things zombie related, the ending must be the hardest part to create.
  12. It's still Big Brother.

    You sad fucks.

    No, I haven't watched either programme. I'd rather do Fugly or gouge my eyes out.
  13. Rim me, you know you want to, we can have big brother on in the back round to set the atmosphere.
  14. ended just the way i thought it!te.
  15. Yes but those zombies could be your friends if you asked them nicely.