dead septic and scarred gurkha.

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Jokes' started by LONGSWORD, May 16, 2012.

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  1. In Korea in 1952 a Gurkha and a septic are on a mission to scout the Chinese and north Korean forces behind a hill.
    they're going up the hill and going through some dense foggy-misty cloud and when they get to the top they see thousands of communist troops.
    the septic turned to the Gurkha and said "that looks scary"!
    to which the gurkha replied : "i know right i have to go through that fog all by my self!"
  2. Don't give up your day job just yet? It started off slow, tailed away a bit in the middle and the less said about the end, the better. But a passable attempt.
  3. i had to translate it from Nepalese. thanks anyway!
  4. So what Scarred the Gurkha? surgery or PTSD?
  5. I once tried to translate a joke from English into German for some friends of mine in Berlin. The looks they gave me were a mixture of bewilderment, horror and pity. I would have had more laughs if I had unzipped my fly and turned my pockets inside out, whilst rogering myself with a prize leek?
  6. the misty foggy cloud but not the commies on the hill
  7. agreed i found it funnier untranslated, but that would take uk about 2 sides of A4
  8. Does "Badoom...tishhhh" translate back into Nepalese, or is there an equivalent temple-cymbal ringing sound?
  9. So, still can't see how the Gurkha got scarred. Did he slip on his kukri? And how did the Septic die? Was he dead when the fog cleared?
    Ah, well, back to my G&T.
  10. i'll explain the joke!
    the implication is that the septic is dead, and that the Gurkha fought the thousands of troops and survived, not being scared of the number of commies but by going back in the fog when RTB
  11. But how did he get that scarred? Did the commies scar him? And why was he given the right to buy his house? Was Mrs Thatcher in power then? Was it a sharp fog that got him scarred?
    Nurse, another bottle please, this one's empty!
  12. he probably thought, damn my own countries going to go communist in 50 years time.
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  13. Mate, good effort, very funny, but the piss taking twats on here are twisting "scarred". "Scared" works better because it means "afraid".
  14. damn i knew i spelt something wrong =\\\\
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  15. Tch! There's always one. I was beginning to enjoy that, what with fuck all on the telly again. Best I go back to the why kids are thick and grammar nazis threads.