Dead Sappers Returned to GB as Freight...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TangoZeroAlpha, Mar 27, 2009.

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  1. From an ex-serving Army officer friend of mine...

    I was in Belfast the day the bodies of Sappers Patrick Azimkar and Mark Quinsey were repatriated back to England and saw the ‘convoy’ on the M2, as I passed in the opposite direction. The Police ‘cleared’ the route for the vehicles, which traveled in convoy.

    Both coffins were draped in the Union Flag, which was clearly visible to passing traffic…what I thought strange though, was the fact they were heading to the City Airport, rather than RAF Aldergrove…also, the local news only covered the ceremony at Massereene very briefly and no mention was made of what happened afterwards…

    To now find out that the journey ‘home’ was as freight in a commercial aircraft, leaves me with a sickening feeling.

    Respect for politicians is at an all-time low and this latest act just beggars belief…I think an office call on the local MP might be worth a try, even if just to see what reaction one gets. In the meantime keep the signatures rolling in!

    Please sign up to show our contempt for this mealy-mouthed, weasel-worded, politically correct application of the rules. Also pass it on to any of your contacts...

    The bodies of the soldiers Murdered in Northern Ireland were flown home without ceremony. This has angered members of HM Forces: "British troops have spoken of their anger following the disclosure that the bodies of the two soldiers murdered by dissident republicans were shipped back to the UK as freight."

    "We have been told that the soldiers were not allowed to have a ramp service because of political reasons. We were told the Government didn't want anything that would look like the Troubles had restarted.

    "As far as we are concerned these soldiers were shot dead in uniform by terrorists and they should be treated in exactly the same way as if they were killed in Afghanistan. To send their bodies back to the UK as freight is outrageous."

    When a person joins any branch of HM Forces they are effectively on duty 24/7/365.

    Sign up to prevent it happening again.
  2. Words cannot describe the contempt I feel for whoever sanctioned this decision.

    Gutless. Bastards.
  3. Tango Zero Alpha, this is a very honourable argument and cause, however, as far as that bastard Brown and the parasites that surround him are concerned this will fall on deaf ears.
  4. That is fcuking disgusting, the sad part is that when you hear this it isn't really suprising with this Govt. At the very least some sort of explanation is in order.
  5. I Felt I had to reply to this, as an an Ulstermam and ex 25 year service REME soldier and the father of a serving sodier I also find this abhoranht. When will we ever learn respect for our service men!
  6. If Gordon Brown happens to be killed whilst overseas (or any other minister) can we expect the same "returned by cargo" system to be in place?

    Just one question: Who made this decision?

    Rest in Peace Sappers.
  7. This subject was aired on PPRUNE,and I signed the petition attached.

    It is an outrage,but given the desire of Labour to not upset the IRA an any way comes as no surprise.
  8. An American father of a marine KIA in Iraq, was appalled when he met his sons body in a baggage reclaim in the states. He petitioned the government and got a new contract drafted whereby all American soldiers killed overseas where repatriated with full military honours back to the states.

    Can't find link but it happened a couple of years ago.
  9. This really comes as no suprise with the current state of the government.
  10. Just to add, in 1989 Exercise Caltrop Force in California, 1 Para lost 2 guys in an RTA on Highway 101. They were brought back as 'baggage' on our flight.
  11. this was reported last week in the telegraph,i was surprised that it it did not hit arrse then,i was going to bring it up,but did wonder if the mods had asked for a period of waiting out of respect to friends and familiy.
    Prehaps our government should speak to the good folk of wootton bassett about how these things should be done
  12. The lack of respect shown staggers me.

    When I first saw this thread I thought the story was going to be one of those made up bollocks email stories designed to wind people up. I couldn't believe the depths, even with their record, our leaders have sunk to.
  13. It was posted on ARRSE last Saturday but only in the form of a petition.
  14. i stand corrected i was at work all weekend,access to things like arrse are barred as it encourages morale and laughter.
  15. It is hidden away in the Community Pages section so quite easy to miss. As for banning ARRSE, that's disgusting.

    Just like the treatment of the two dead Sappers.