Dead Pool



Who is going to bite the big one in the next twelve months? Five choices, scoring starts at 0001hrs on 1 Jan 2005 and ends at 2359 on 31 Dec 2005. To score, your choice must rate an obituary in the Times, Telegraph or Guardian. Choices under 30 years of age get double points. Any contestant charged with the murder or attempted murder of any of their choices is disqualified.

My 5

Iyad Allawi
Ian Paisley
Jim Callaghan
Gerald Ford
Nelson Mandela
Right here we go:

Nelson Mandela
Maggie Thatcher
Lord Guthrie
John Inman

And as an outside bet

Jeffrey from Rainbow


Book Reviewer
My 5 -

I would put Iyad Allawi (no-brainer there :) ) but CPunk got in first, so:

1. General Pinochet (Been hanging on for ages)
2. Ken Dodd
3. Christopher Lee
4. Simon Weisenthal
5. Roy Hudd
1. Ted Heath :lol: bodily decay following his moral one
2. Maradonna (totally barking!)
3. Sylvio Berlusconi (irreligious assassin)
4. Morgan Tsvangirai (Zimbabwe - Mugabe will have him done in)
5. Karol Wojtyla (Pope Jean Paul II)
Mikhael Gorbachev - cancer
Duchess of Kent - old age
Roman Abramovich - "accident" involving Russian Mafia
Viktor Yushchenko - more poison
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi - beheaded by a squaddie



One of the cast from Coronation Street (do I have to be specific?)
Mohammed Ali
Saddam Hussein
Billy Connoly
1 The leader of Hamas.

2 His relief.

3 His relief.

4 His relief.

5 His relief.

We do this down our local pub, its called the DEAD MEAT DRAW :lol: £1 a go, theres over £200 in the kitty at the mo, I got the Pope so will have to back him on here!

(gained a few quid a few years back, when Mother Teresa left her sandals, same draw lol) :wink:
Lots of comedians in the Bob Monkhouse league, who are old and bold and not yet cold...
Whoever wins the Iraqi elections.
The former boss of Yukos (tragic Russian prison accident)
Tony Banks (wishfull thinking)
Roger Moore
Micheal Jackson
Dick Cheney – Vice President of USA. 3 April 2005. 1458 hrs.
Hamid Karzai - President of Afghanistan. 16 June 2005. 0736 hrs.
Prince Rainier of Monaco 20 August 2005. 1423 hrs.
Nobby Stiles – England footballer. 12 November 2005. 1926 hrs.
John Pilger – Journo. 31 December 2005. 2259 hrs.

All times GMT - plus or minus ans hour.
What an excellent thread.
Er is it Thinks(beleives) or Wants(hopes for).
PS As this is a serious matter I will have to give sum in depth thought.
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