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Dead pool for MR N Mandela.

I don't think Nelson Mandela will last the night.
Well at 94 he's doing bloody well to get it up at all.

However i for one will be really upset when Nelson Mandela dies..

We had a sweep who would die next, and I drew Prince Philip.


Book Reviewer
At the start of me hollybobs so I miss out on the day off? What, no day off in the UK for the funeral? Is there no respeck in this country any more?

Come to think of it, my hollybobs have been quite eventful the last few years. Thinking:

The nutter who shot a cop in Newcastle and hid in a culvert while Gazza came to visit.
The nutter who shot all those Noggie student luvvies.

I am sure there's another but frankly I cannit be arrsed.

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